Just a first post.

This is a first post in my blog. Blog is not a new entity for me and i am quite familiar with it. My blog journey is also not so new. I embarked in this field about a three years ago. somehow, I got a link of a blog of my senior fellow in my University and I was really fascinated by his blogage.=(blog+page). I immediately started one blog at that time and at that time, the domain was blogspot.com.

It did not get any continuity. after few days, I just forgot it. I was not quite interested to update materials because I was not much interested in this Blogorld=(blog+world), because I did not have Much time, almost all time, I spent in my College work, and far importantly, I did not have anything to write there.

But, my journey did not stop there. That is evident from this page that i have not still abandoned that charm of blogging though i still suffer from those infirmities that i had three years ago. When I gave up blogspot.com, I shifted to MsnSpace because one of my friend(brotherly friend), Prasant had updated his msn space with photos. Again, it inspired me. I started my blog cum writing in MsnSpace. In fact, I reserved the space in Msn and did nothing more than that. Even not one entry….

Again another stop after MsnSpace was Rediffmail’s Blog provider service. There I updated my blog about a week. After that, I thought that I am not getting Internet Service regularly, so, I notified the readers that I will be updating my page after a long time, pertinent to note that no one read me there except me. I even informed in a clear language, that Rediffblog really sucks and I will be back after a long time somewhere in blogspot domain.

Unfortunately, I disappeared from Blogorld even more than I had even expected. I did not create any more blog after that. But, I had to move and I got a next stop as Soulcast.com

I liked its features. So, immediately, I opened a blogpage there. But, again, pnly three articles are there within 10 days. It has been recently opened and I am not going to update soulcast any more in future.

And, Today, wordpress.com. I have created new blog here. I do not know whether I will be able to give it continuity. But, this time, I am really trying to be a man with continuity in blogage. Let’s see What happens….

There are people who have really inspired me to write blogs. Who are they? i will tell u in next post

Till Then, Take Care.


7 thoughts on “Just a first post.

  1. Rajib bro or whatever other like to call him, he means a lot to everyone who knows him by different ways. Though I don’t know much about him I can say he is one of the great and intelligent man. Even anyone can know a part of him when u read this blog, his own words and the way he have used it. I know he is not a professional writer in these kind of things and there may be some mistakes when some professional writers go through this but its not a easy to write and not possible by everyone. His writing reflects his personality.The way he cares about his country, the ways he has known all these things even though he is abroad working had to be something in his life probably for his country too, it just patriotic, really serious. Its hard to explain in few words coz I know I can’t write in this way. Its different to speak and write in words. I don’t know about others but I know I can’t. This writing is on of the best summary about the situation in our country, Nepal,which is also know as one of the beautiful country in the world. He writings, no matter how is its topic, its just logical. He gets the main thing in his writing. Well, I have manythings to write but its impossible to accomodate within this small space. Hope u all u atleast know lot even from this few words.

  2. Vile Ji/Bro/babu Thanx a lot for ur sweet comment but unfortunately, you wrote the comment under a wrong entry. From the subject matter of ur comment, I know that You were expressing ur views after reading some different entry. Please go through my blog and each entry when u have time. and at the end of each entry, there is comment section. Next time, Babu, Do not forget to comment under appropriate section. Thank u Very much for your great inspiration.

  3. hi rajiv,
    i don’t know much abt these things but i think i’m knowing it from u.It good work and u keep up.It interesting u know something why do people read news paper cause they are interested in other matters. The same here its interesting cause it not mine its ur. We all human have this type of nature that we like wht other have the same way i like it cause it ur personal thinking and personal experience and which may match too another and that person may like it. I don’t why i like it i found interesting abt the Nepal u wrote and I liked about ur inspiration too.U doing good job keep up.

  4. Hi Bharati, Thank you for ur comment. I wish u will correct me if I go wrong sometimes while writing. In fact, You all people inspire me a lot and ur great lovely comments are in feather in my cap. La babl bhane timi lai haina….Dhanyabad pheri Pani.

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