My second post

In my earlier post, which was written just an hour ago, I had written little about my blog journey. There, I promised that I will tell you about a person who inspired me to write this blog, to initiate this blog. There is a general saying that says, “After a successful man, there is a woman”. Might not be true in each case, I am not so sure but there is a girl who inspired me to create a new blog. I do not want to give her whole credit of my success. Opening a new Blog page is a huge success for me. But, truly she contributes something little in this blog.

Who is she? I do not know. I do not know even her name and where is she. I can not locate her properly except her place Kathmandu, Nepal. I have not met her, have not talked, have not seen her but still she inspires me/she inspired me to start a new blog. Sounds really weird? Yes? Yes, in fact little weird but Nothing and it’s the truth.

She has a blog page in this Neti-world. Nothing exceptional, just simple diary, simple stuffs and simple things. Almost everything great craps there. There is no point of visiting her blog except u just want to read whatever comes on your way. Or let me put it in another way, You are not going to miss anything even if u do not read anything from that blog page and I am not losing anything not reading her entries. I hardly visit her page. Even when I do, I just read some stuffs and come back to my own work or start visiting some other pages. Nothing much inspiring there. But it is said that lotus grow in muddy water. May be because of that her blog inspires me even though she does not have anything in her blog. I have heard that she is a student of Developmental studies and I think, somewhere in her blog, she herself revealed it. But, that is nothing to do with my inspiration. The inspiring factor is there and that is her ability to write. Believe me, she can write a crap but continuously. That is, she has continuity but till date, I lacked that skill of life in my web-world. Everyday and every time, she can write something. One thing or another, she has topics. Remind u, she has crappy topics but at least she has. Let me repeat, she is not putting any intellectual stuffs in the net/in her blog in most of the time but her blogs are really good and u might be least benefitted when u read her or may be least affected if u do not read her, but, she has something to say. Great aspect of her is she has something to say on almost all the aspects of life. May be that, On street protests, may be on students’ roles, may be on political parties or may be on general girls’ stuffs, she is quite vocal, she has words and not only the words but eager to write.

One impressing girl………..And To make my blog a successful one, if it becomes, she has contributed to a certain extent. And thank you! You unknown Girl! See Today You have become the topic of My Blog……Let’s hope somebody will be there tomorrow for Me.

[Though this post was written more than 36 hours ago, There was no electricity power almost for 12 hours in my hostel while I was busy in editing and doing proff reading of this post. After power came back, there was no proper Internet connection in My hostel for almost 24 hours. Now, Net has become slightly faster and I am posting this Article-Rajib. The Internet is still slow here and my experience is that opens even slower than other sites. If this happens, it really sucks.]


2 thoughts on “My second post

  1. I know Rajib, he is dear friend of mine, and a guy who can enjoy every moment of his life, and i am really glad that he has started this way of expressing himself. And I am sure i will get to know him better by his internal thoughts.
    Anyway i really understand what he meant when he said he got inspired by the girl he hardly knows. And i believe in what ever way you get inspiration, inspiration can make u more determined and u can again be will with hopes that never existed. There are few People in my life too who has insipired me in some way or other. So always look for a inspiration, espcially inspiration through love and learn from Rajib who has so much potential.

  2. Thank you saurabh for your nice comment and I hope that you will visit my blog often. I wish you alos express your feelings about life from any pages in this world. wish u good and Keep on suggesting/correcting me in this little journey.

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