A Rainy Day

Environment Around me

It’s cold here, not very cold but still I am wearing a Jacket here. There used to be hot climate here and very low rainfall. But, this year something has happened in the sense the temperature has really gone down after the continuous rain. It’s raining here almost everyday and every night…….Lovely rain, it has not affected my life. I am going to University everyday, no obstacle by rain. It is raining here but not continuously and in high time of business, it has not created any problem. This is a good aspect about rain, rains but without creating any problem. That’s why I love it, I like it………….

When it rains outside and inside my room, I will be using Internet reading News and listening to music, I can get very intense nostalgic feelings of the past. There used to be the days when we were children, we used to play in the rainy day in almost kiddish style. Go Outside and play splashing water to each other. Sometimes, I want to be child again but Time has changed now and so many things to do, we hardly get time to play on the rainy streets. Moreover, where is that company and friends who are ready to play!!!!

Today, I had to go to city with my friend Adarsh. We are conducting one Certificate course in our University in Security Exchange Market. We have one guest Lecture from Chennai, one expert in the field and we want to give certificates to each participant for attending that Course. Our job today, was to get our certificates printed and as volunteers, we made our journey to the City. Main City is very far from Our University and after more than an hour journey; we reached the place with a lot of difficulties. We did not know where to go and kept on searching best place from where we could get that work done. Finally, the job was done. Meanwhile, it rained……..we were soaked in the rain and again, I was reminded of those days when getting soaked in the rain was to be the matter of pleasure but look at today, we were worried because we may catch cold.

Finally, in my room again and my internet is working, I am feeling little pain on my legs because of rain but no blame to rain. It’s the nature’s rule. It rains. It stops. It brings a lot of nostalgic feelings every time when it rains. I have so many works to do as a part of my University Research but, I think, I am not doing any academic stuffs tonight. Just feeling like reviving past.

So Long as it simply rains and nothing happens, it’s ok. But, there is a song in Nepali “Gauma Katai Pahiro Gayo ki”…..That means if it rains heavily, there may be floods and landslides and a lot of lives and property will be damaged. I have started hearing a lot of News from Nepal that floods and landslides have caused a great havoc. That makes me feel worried………..I wish rain brings only the prosperity and nothing similar to destruction. I will sleep late in the night but without doing anything substantially, still a great satisfaction in life after observing a rain from a close distance.


2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day

  1. Good work indeed…..
    I loved ur topic “A Rainy Day”.It sounds so refreshing.Memories fall with the drops of water when it rains.I too love monsoon, for me this’s one of the most romantic season after winter.

  2. Hey Jyotee, it’s good to see your comment here, from such an intelligent person with so much potential in life. Yes, it’s true that we miss our childhood days when we see something related to our childhood. it is rainy season and those feelings definitely crop in our mind. I hope you will enjoy every second and minutes of this beautiful life with beautiful rain.

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