What is there in Music?

Can there be anyone who does not like music? I doubt. I think there is no one in this world who does not like music. Music has that force, that gravity which drives everybody close to it.

What makes music so precious or valuable to human beings? It is a very difficult question to answer in this world. Simply, Music is a force which pulls us closer to it and we enjoy and we love to be close to it.

There are different types of Music, in right way it is called genres of Music. Some people love very soft guitar based, some love soft-rock, some love hard rock and complete metals. It depends on your age, our family or societal background and our inherent interests. If I have to talk about me, I love all kind of Musics depending on time and mood. I love Modern Music, Pop Music, folk Music, Hard metals and soft guitar based…….That is, every genres of Music and depending on time and Mood………

Music creates some sorts of feelings in you and you love it. Particularly, songs, we like because of their lyrics too. Lyrics try to depict and convey some sorts of meanings that resemble with our life. We pass from various phases of our life. Happiness, sorrow, nostalgia, loneliness are our part of life and everybody, irrespective of who you are, have to pass through it. Great thing about us is we do not stop anywhere, most of the time. We take and we have to take whatever comes on our way and there will be some typical and lovely sound that keeps on following us. That will be our great friend and we simply love it.

Let’s see some examples of Music how it represents our life………See the lyrics of John Denver. I am flying in a Jet Plane……..

So kiss me,

Smile for me,

Tell me that u wait for me

Hold me like you never let me go……..

What a wonderful lyrics! You must have felt like this when u have to part with somebody, somebody who is your near and dear one. That is the power of Lyrics that can console you because you are not alone here in this world and Michael Jackson rightly says so,

“You are not alone
for I am here with you
though you’re far away…….”

There are so many people in this great planet who think in a way you do. That means u have so many friends around who are alone and had to travel leaving there dear families and friends. If you do not believe me, see another set of lyrics, Akon says:

“I am so lonely

I am Mr. Lonely

I have no body

I have no body to call my own……”

Ohhhh……what a great pain to Akon and You might be sharing the same feelings that Akon shares. Basically, life is one which you have to live and U have to continue, may be alone in this world unless u discontinue it in unnatural way but Never Forget, the Music will be following u. Just it wants to be with u forever, in whatever condition You might be and you may be alone but still, far very far from you, believe me, somebody will be there for you.


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