Restructuring the State -Legally and Politically

[Somedays ago, when I again started blogging, I am writing on some light issues. Today, I have tried to write on the state of affairs of my country and since it is a very complex subject, I have tried to view entire process from my aspiration which I hope, will be Similar to majority of Nepalese People.]

Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan Kingdom of South Asia, is in cynosure of the people around the world because of the insurgency by the Maoist forces for more than 10 years. This revolution has meant many things for many people and brought the Kingdom almost at the brink of disaster. The Kingdom’s grievance was even more aggravated by King Gynendra’s stupid dreams of becoming powerful King and true incarnation of God. Now, all his dreams have been shattered after the people’s uprising, popularly called JanaAndolan—II and has pushed the King out of the periphery of Mainstream Politics stripping all his powers. The subsequent development of uprising has relieved him from all his responsibilities and he has so much free time to play Online Gambling.

This has created some hopes on the Nepalese People and their aspiration for peaceful Nepal seems to be close to them. But, sometimes, it looks like a delusion in the sense that you see peace very close to you but still very far from you and you hardly know how many hurdles are there before you to reach that destination of peace. We do not know how far we have to walk with our shattered dreams to shake hands with the peace.

The Recent News tells us the state of affairs of our state and both the parties in the peace process are busy in playing some kind of blame game to each other. These types of mud singlings from the respective parties do not help to solidify the peace process.

There were two agreements signed by political parties and Maoists- the first one was in Delhi; 12 point Agreement and second were in Kathmandu; 8 point agreements. These both agreements were termed as historic and there should be sincere efforts not to make them mere history. Even after signing these agreements, still some points are unclear-about the decommissioning of arms, dissolution of present parliament and People’s governments, status of king in the Interim Constitution, involvement of Maoists in the Government and arms management, among others.

The Government looks very listless to implement the agreements truly and a kind of feudal slavery among the political parties is very persistent. The letter sent by government to the United Nations without consulting the Maoists and immediate reservation letter by CPN (Maoist) President Prachanda shows the chaotic state of affairs.

Similarly, unabated lootings, extortions by the Maoists despite the Maoists leaders’ promises, raises serious concerns about their sincerity in the Peace Process. There is a great lack of confidence in each other and if this persists, peace can not move ahead.


The work of constitution assembly election and forming a new constitution are even more challenging jobs. The Interim Constitution Committee is busy to frame interim Constitution but the lack of consultation among the people and different sectors may create problem in its implementation. The Empowerment of women, Dalits (Low Castes People), JanJati ( People of different Races, Kinship & Tribes), workers, farmers etc. must be guaranteed in New Constitution with necessary Mechanisms of Affirmative actions and reservations.

When we all aspire to see a peaceful Nepal, Then, everybody’s obligation is there to caution them who are holding the power on our behalf. We must guide their actions and provide way to them to use the state mechanisms for the long term and viable just order in the Society. The Parties in the Peace Process must understand that peace is not just the absence of war but Peace is a comprehensive human security in all the sectors and should be long term achievements.


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