Work, Work and work

[Since I have heard some comments on the small font Size, this time, I have posted this Article with bigger font size. If still, U are unable to read, I suggest u to use Ctrl ++ to increase font size in Mozilla Firefox and View-Text size Tab in Internet Explorer. I recommend you to use Firefox Mozilla, I find it very handy.]

Oh my god!!!! How much work we have to do? So sad life here in Hostel. I am doing so much work here or instead we have to do so many things here in college. Work- hard work not that with physical force, I am not working in agricultural land, not in construction houses, or nor under any boss’s instructions. No physical turmoil but still tired a lot after a hard work. Our hard work in college involves a lot of mental works. So many projects and so many presentations everyday almost makes you mad. Today, we had to submit our Corporate Law project and I gave such a shitty Rough draft that I am sure; my professor will laugh at me. It’s a rough draft and I have done “perfect rough work”. I am not worried about the quality of work at this stage because I will be getting enough time to make it a fair draft with a lot of innovative suggestions of my Professor. Our real problem is to meet with the dead-lines.

Again, I am starting another Project from today-fair draft of Labour Law-II and my Project topic is quite interesting “Formal and Informal Labour Sector in Nepal”. I have analysed the lack of appropriate legal instruments to cover all the labour sections, lack of implementation of laws-national and international and problems associated with social security, discrimination on basis of gender, lack of opportunities for socially and economically backward classes and executives and judicial irresponsiveness and irresponsibilities.

I find it is our duty to talk about gender and position of women in formal and informal labour sector in Nepal which is one of the focussed area of my Projects. I believe, and majority of us will have concurrent opinion with me, I hope, that women should be given equal rights and opportunities in every sector. When I say this, most of the people may think that I am a feminist—may be, who knows? I do not know and I am not really interested to brand myself as a feminist. And not to call me feminist myself has not been influenced by any biological factor of being male. What other people think hardly matters in my personal judgement about myself.

Yi ta bhaye mera affnai kura haru………….

I want to write a lot of things in my blog now a day, but yesterday, I did not update it because of the fact that I was busy in doing my Corporate law. I do not have much free time again because of some projects and some conference Papers but Still, I will be trying to give continuity which I have promised in my first blog entry. There are many things to be written here and to be talked in this forum. There are plenty of things to write. My own success, and my own failures, your love to me and hatred and many more things. Sometimes, I like to complain with myself why I am not so committed with some works and I want to analyse my weaknesses. Ideas crop in my mind why my mother did not send me interior designing school. When I look at my room in Hostel, I feel sad and I realize that I must learn to keep room in proper shape.

If you want to know cultural variations in my room, there exists diversity….scattered pages of THE HINDU-leading English daily in India, Xerox papers of Amartya Sen’s (No need of Introduction) to Amita Dhanda’s (She is my professor in University and mentions her name as expert in medico-legal field in India) Article, Bill Clinton’s My life to Mahatma Gandhi’s Experiment of My life, everything either here or there, but inside, in my room. I know these materials deserve some better place and in order but unfortunately, Rajib Dahal is their custodian….what an irony; he knows how to read them but nothing more than that in matter of keeping them in proper place. Ideas are just cropping in my mind but this post is going to be very long and I do not really like to disappoint the readers of my blog, though I guess hardly anyone reads this page, One final point here ………

again about myself. I feel little shame to write here, nevertheless, I wish I can type in Nepali but I am not used to it. I wish I too can write Articles in Nepali but in my computer roman Nepali Unicode is not working properly after last time I formatted it. There is one site called to provide the facility of typing but still poor sentence structure in Nepali deters me. Still, I have promised with myself that every Sunday(I will have holiday here) I will write something (Probably Gazal in Nepali, by the way I am fan of Nepali and Hindi Gazals and I make efforts to scrap something) in Nepali under Holiday Blogs Segment………Do not forget to Check Out That section…………and Keep on Reading and Enjoying!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Work, Work and work

  1. Okay Rajib waiting for ur Gazals…..I must say you’re doing good job. Take the compliment & keep the work goin’

  2. Hi Jyotee, Thank You for ur comments and for your eagerness in Gazals. i will be back with Gazal only on Sunday… Till then, You have to cross your fingers and have to wait. But, do not worry, there will be a lot of posts by then in other sections. Thank u once again for ur nice words.

  3. hey man….ur diary reminds me of those days …..yeah man me too waiting for ur Ghazal…..i mean Nepe style Ghazal.

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