Law, Literature and HUMOUR

Law, Literature and HUMOUR

I just attended Prof. Vepa P. Sarathy’s Lecture in Law, Literature and Humour. It was so interesting. It was organised by Constitutional Law Society of our University. About Prof. Sarathy, He is 91 years old……….!!!Yes, 91 years. He just celebrated his 90th Birthday some days ago, and we all the students were invited there in his home for birthday Party. age 91, but still energetic like a young man in his 20ies………Comes to University everyday and takes at least 3 to 4 classes. He taught us Transfer of Property Act in second Year, Law of Evidence and Code of Civil Procedure in Third Year and Now, Interpretation of Statutes in 4th Year. He can teach almost any subjects in the University and he is expert on all the subjects. Even the Other Professors will refer his name and consult Prof. Sarathy in case they have any doubt. More than 30 years of practicing in Indian Supreme Court and conferral of title of Senior advocate of Supreme Court of India are other things that I can say about him. Mr. Sarathy was educated in Oxford University, when?, I guess before World War II, i.e before 1945.

In fact, this is not the post dedicated to or about Professor Vepa P. sarathy but I think as a respect to him, this much, at least, was required.

Now, I go to the true point and discussion and contents of this post. As I already said there was a lecture and I have even mentioned that he is so energetic that he and we feel that he is still in his twenty. Today, he told some jokes related to laws and quoting various literatures and he showed that he is still young. His almost more than 95% jokes and comments were related to SEX…….Yes, sex but preety decent.

I will be posting some interesting quotes from him after some time or later in the evening. But, before I conclude this post, One joke that he said:(almost all are related to law)

Once a man was accused of being a father of a child of a woman with whom he married just four months ago. She delivered a child after 4 months of marriage and filed a case in the Court saying that the man with whom she married was the father of the child. In the Court, she confessed that before marriage, she never met that man and she did not have any physical affairs with that guy before her marriage. The man was quite sure that Court will accquit him but court decided that he was the true father.

    He was surprised and asked the Judge, “How can you decide like that”?

    Judge answered, “See Gentleman, I am expert in commercial Laws and not in matrimonial cases. But, Today, Chief Justice told me to sit on this bench and asked me to decide. And I had to deliver justice but I did not know any things on the subjects. I tried to consult some Books but I had only Commercial Law Books……I thought that they would help me, when I went pages after Pages, I saw the solution there from Negotiable Instrument Act. On the basis of its principle, I decided this case.

    The man asked, “How was written There”?

    Judge replied, “Unless the true maker is known, the last endorser will be presumed to be the Actual Owner.” So, U are the last endorser of the lady by marrying her and u will be the father of the child…………

    Rest of the some beautiful jokes, I will post later……….keep on browsing the Blog.


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