Lucid Literature and Memorable memories-I

It’s so sad when you can not do what you promise. It’s not good to promise something without assessing your capability to do such thing. Doing the thing that you promise is called fulfilling promises or commitments and you feel sad like me when u can not fulfill that promise. Nothing great promise and nothing great betrayal……obviously, betrayal will not be great, never. What is the matter that I am talking here is yesterday when I posted my earlier topic, I told u that I will be posting some more jokes later or in the evening but I could not do that. I was little busy and more than my busy schedule, I thought that it’s not time to write jokes. Instead of jokes, I can write something better stuffs to my reader, if any one reading this blog. So, I am greatly sorry for not fulfilling my promises. If it was contract between you, Readers, and I, then, I could be hauled up under the law for not fulfilling such promises. But, I am pretty much secure here and not wasting any more time, I want to get on my business right here n right now.

Now, next topic, today I am talking about the Media and Literature. I start from Radio, Music and end up with literature. One of the interesting, really fascinating topics to talk on is Literature and I am really fond of literature. So, there are so many things to write here that this post is going to be extra long. Just kindly bear with me………..if you could enjoy reading this one, I hope my efforts will be fruitful.

Let’s talk about Radio. Radio- Easy, cheap and comfortable means of communication and source of information and entertainment. I can not figure out since when I am addicted to Radio shows but so far as I remember, it must be when I was in class 4. I was in a village School in Chandragadhi, Jhapa and I started listening to Radio for Music, for entertainment. Before that, I had listened to Radio for News only, because in my family and in my Mama Ghar, Radio was meant to be only for News. I remember at that time, we, My aunts Indira, Tulasha, and I, used to listen one Radio programme from Radio Nepal. That programme was GitiKatha (Story of some people sent through letters and music in between). I still remember that that programme used to come for 15 minutes (or may be for half an hour) on every Monday around 2 o’clock. Almost all the time, I had to go to school but if somehow, when school was in morning or during some holidays or in winter and summer holidays, I never missed that programme mostly influenced by Aunts’ choices.


General Music after 4 PM, when I came back from school was very common………and I still remember “Ma Timro Sahar Chhodi Tadha Tadha Jadaichhu, Timilai Kahile Nabhetne Kasam Khadaichhu” (म तीम्रो शहर छोडी टाढा टाढा जादीछु, तिमीलाई कहीले नभेट्नेे कसम खाँदैछु (I am going very far from your City and I promise you that I never meet you again) was very popular at that time. There was another song by lady singer Dewika Pradhan that was also very famous and Radio Nepal used to play all the time but that song, I forgot now, may be I remember later……………

Now, I jump to the events of 5 years after my class 4 and relatively changes in my musical flavour. I was in class 9 and my brother was in class 8. We both started liking Nepali Pop music. In our city, Damak, at that time, there was no FM (Frequency Modulation Radio Station) and unfortunately, I do not know why and I never understood and still can not understand why?, Radio Nepal hardly played any Pop Music in its regular shows except every Saturday (We will have holiday on Saturday in Nepal) half an hour from 2 to 2.30 PM. That was exclusively Pop Music show and we could listen to the songs without any interruption. My Brother, Piyush and I, used to enjoy a lot listening to that Programmes and we used to discuss a lot about songs during that half an hour. I remember I used to listen to the Songs of Nabin K Bhattrai and the especial song for us was “Timilai Maha(khas ma Ma bhannu parne Tara hami Maha bhaneko sunchhau) Dobato ma aba chahi bhetne chaiina (तिमीलाई मह(खास्मा “म “भन्नु पर्ने तर हामी मह भनेको सुन्छौ) दोबाटोमा  अब चाँही भेट्ने छैन)” (From Today, I do not come to meet u in any place where two roads meet). In fact, this song was hardly played by Radio Nepal so far as I can remember, but we heard this song at that time from our Friends’ mouth, friends’ stereo, and cassettes. Particular song that we could hear in Radio Nepal was, and that song was repeatedly played almost every Saturday by Radio Nepal in that Pop Music Programmes, “Tatopani Bazar Ghumna Jada sherpini kanchhailai Bhetethe, Sherpini kanchhi kya ramri Banki Pareki” (तातोपानी  बजार घुम्न जाडा शेर्पीनी कान्छीलाई भेतेथे, शेर्पीनी कान्छी कीया राम्री बानकी  परेकी ( When we went to visit Tatopani Market, I met a sherpini girl and sherpini girl was so cute that she was in almost perfect shape, something today saying like ‘a hot and sexy girl’. Tatopani is a market near Nepal China Border in North Nepal around 150 Kms from Kathmandu and Sherpa is a caste/tribe in Nepal who mostly reside in mountains areas. Here, Sherpini Girl means Girl born in Sherpa caste/community). This song, we (my brother and I) liked a lot and I still like this one and we used to enjoy a lot singing together.


Now, after three years, I went to Kathmandu in 2001 AD and I decided to study there and stay permanently. When I entered Kathmandu, I could feel the pressure and liberty to us, consumers, brought by Media Boom. More than 7/8 FMs at that time in Kathmandu (and I think the number has increased a lot after I left Kathmandu, it was increasing when I was there till June 2003), you could listen to anything you want depending on your choice, time and more particularly Mood. There was Boom in entertainment, boom in Music, boom in News, boom in Information…….There listeners were the God, and could choose anything. I really enjoyed a lot in that Media Crowd.

What happened after that, I will write to you in next post. True Literature discussion will be in my next post. (I promise this time, I really post my feelings that I had when I reached Kathmandu and after I left that City.)

Enjoy Reading the Blog!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Lucid Literature and Memorable memories-I

  1. ok.. you know one fact.. rajib not only have intrest in radio he could have been a great RJ.. i have heard his anchor few time and he is real good.. and one day if i shall have a FM station i shall give him one hours programme where he will entertain you with his skillful anchoring… but i can say he isnt a good singer.. he didnt felt like singing when we met him first.. heheheheh.. do you remember that rajib?

  2. “When I was young, I’d listen to the radio waitin’ for my favorite songs when they played I’d sing along It made me smile. Those were such happy times and not so long ago How I wondered where they’d gone….” Hey Rajib this’s one of my personal fav song……..dedicated to your above article.

    Good job,man!!

  3. To saurabh,
    Ok Saurabh, Thank you for offering me a job of RJ. I find this job really fascinating and if I get chance, I will really do this job and if that is ur Radio Station, I devote me in my work to make ur station even more popular, if my little efforts can do that. In fact, I seriously suggest you to start one Radio station in Kathmandu….how interesting it would be to be RJ there.let’s hope you do something in this field also.
    Ya, Bro so far as singing, i am a poor singer, that is true but it is not true that I can not sing. I can sing something, may be bad or worse, but still I can. So far as the day we met first is concerned, I remember Sugam Pokharel’s “Pheri Tyo Din Samjhana Chahanna”. So, Bro, do not remind me of those painful days but I still remember your dance in above mentioned song…….kuchha yaad aaya kya? hhahahahah………Keep on commenting Bro, Thank you for reading my post.

  4. To Jyotee
    Thank You Jyotee for reading my blog and offering good comments dedicating to my song and dedication of good song from ur side….I hope that ur constant support by way of comments shape the future of my blog…Once again, thank you!!!keep on commenting.

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