Lucid Literature and Memorable memories-II

Here is the second part of my literature talk. In first part, I reached Kathmandu and was very ecstatic to see the media boom there. Kathmandu was the place where you could listen to anything you like and mostly, I could hear pop music from all the FM Radio stations and my interests in pop music was nurtured even more there. There are so many songs that I liked at that time and there is no point of mentioning all the songs here. But, whenever, new trend of Music came in the market, I liked it or I may not like it by heart but relatively I enjoyed it. I will be mentioning some songs that I really liked at that time below in my post. As of now, general discussion goes on about Radio Stations and my love to them.

There is one Radio Station, called HBC FM Station. I remember when I was staying in Dhobidhara Area, we did not get good signals of this radio station and by mistake and by exception, I used to listen to this Radio Station. I remember it used to say it SAKTI RADIO, something I found, different than other radio stations. But, mostly, we used to stick to Kantipur FM, Classic FM, and Hits FM and Image Channel Radio Station. These Radio Stations were our regular friends and we used to listen to them depending on our needs-News and Music, tuning to each station one time or another.


When I talk about Literature, I remember mainly Hits FM and HBC FM. Kantipur FM, though was very famous and still is, I hardly found any interesting programmes related to literature.


Hits FM, in its some night’s programme, once in a week, used to broadcast one radio programmes where the RJ used to read some famous Nepali Books. I miss that programme even today and I do not know whether Hits FM still airs that one. The RJ there, whoever there was and, used to be different (at least I heard different people airing that programme) in almost after 4-5 months but they had unique style- different approach, and flawless reading and an inimitable style, how interesting it used to be! The back ground music was even more attractive-when the RJ keeps on reading/telling the story from the Book, depending in the situation, the background music used to change. We, both, I and my Brother Rewati, (I, nowadays hear that he is an assistant CDO in Dhading District,) were accustomed to listen to that Programme on those days.

I listened to Parijat’s Sirish Ko Phool, and Dhruba Chandra Gautam’s Gham ka Pailaharu, both the books, I have not read yet, from Hits FM. I liked both the books. The flavour to the books was even more added by those Radio Presenters. I even did reviewing of Gham Ka Paila Haru in my first year, first semester of B.A; L.L.B (Hons.)’s Law and Literature Course, just depending on that Radio Programme which I had listened just few months back, without missing even a single episode. I still enjoy remembering those days.


Another Programme that I remember is Radio HBC’s Gazal Programme BULBUL means Irani Chari, the RJ used to tell everytime the meaning of it, (Some Irani Bird). They kept on changing the schedules and presenter was Someone Ghimire(I forgot his name). He also had very unique style and presented the programme in sexy way, I mean nice way. The biggest good part there was there used to be letter competitions and it achieved a great success. When the RJ read best letter which was picked from the months letters, it was amazing to listen to him, his style and voice of reading, and the contents of letters. Both were mind blowing and we used to feel the feelings of letter writer in his own vivid style. Music cum literature, that programme was superb for anybody who enjoys literature.

Another Radio station was there, Radio Sagarmatha FM EKSAYA DUI THOPLO CHAR MEGHA HARZ. Unique!!! It was really unique, in the sense it never played any Hindi and English music which was quite often played by other stations. Only Programmes in Nepali language most of the time, and regional language sometimes, they had variety of programmes. There was one Narayan Shrestha who used to present Programme in the morning almost everyday, had unique style—not so unique but still I liked him. He used to talk about the contemporary stuffs of the day and used to  play good numbers of Modern Nepali songs………The carefully crafted Nepali language, though it could be just News of the day, still had that charm of literature when Narayan Shrestha presented the programme.


Before concluding, Radio Sagarmatha had Sugam Pokharel, popular singer, in one of the programme-Naya pusta (New generation), used to play decent and soft guitar based pop songs. His quality there was, he spoke reasonably well in the Radio and hardly played his own songs in his programmes, gave variety of songs in the programme. His all the songs were recently being released at that time and were all good, if not all best. We enjoyed a lot with my friends listening to his songs at that time and there was a lot of charm to listen to his songs.

K Lekhne Aru………yastai ho, Tara hits FM and Radio HBC were amazingly good in terms of presenting literature. I simply liked these Radio Programmes.

And at Last, Enjoy reading the Blogs!!!


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