So Sorry yaar but Read this Gazal!!!!!

Someday ago, I promised that I will be presenting you some Sunday Blog, specially written in Nepali. I told my limitations and qualifications in Nepali language typing skills but still promised that I will try to write in Nepali, something in Nepali and most probably Nepali Gazal. I am fond of Gazals. But, unfortunately, I forgot this in the morning. I forgot this because of my busy schedules….Though we have holiday today, we were taking Non-Credit Course on Corporate matters administered by Student Bar Council where we invited a guest lecture and today was the 4th and final day of the course. I was busy for that from early morning. After that, I was watching University Moot Court Selection for Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition.

Now, I have little free time to present before you my much condemned Nepali Gazal. It is much condemned because there are a lot of reasons like first, I do not know how to write gazals in perfect style. I am a learner and I am in the process of learning. This gazal was earlier published in various sites, like and . I got a lot of comments there, suggestions and advices how to write a Gazal and how to improve it. I am a practitioner and I hope that I can improve on the quality on coming days. As of now, you please Read it.

Before concluding this post, I got a news from that there is something called Dobhase Software and it can translate English sentences into Nepali. I tried it and found it reasonably good. You can check it from:〈=nepali

I hope that this will help me to type and write in Nepali on coming Days.

यो गzअल् पढ् | which is the translation by Dobhase of “Please, Read This Gazal.”

हेर्ने धोको मर्या छैन तिमीलाई जति देखेपनि

तिम्रो मेरो बिछोढ कथा भाग्यमानै लेखेपनि

तिम्रालागि मैले मेरा सारा नाता तोडी हिने

बाबु आमा दाजु भाई सारा घर नै छोडी हिने

हिलोहरुको बिचमा तिमिलाई स्वच्छ सफा कमल ठाने

पुसमाघको न्यानो घाम झै हजारबीचमा तिमिलाई छाने

तर प्यारको बदला प्यार पाऊने आसा मेरो मरि गयो

तिम्रा मेरा खुसिहरु दैवले नै हरी गयो

जिउन गार्हो छैन यहा, मर्न गार्हो तिमीलाई भुली

सारा जीवन जिउनै पर्यो मगन्ते झै यसै डुली

And little disappointing thing is it is not proper Gazal, it is just some sorts of expression. By mistake,I put a wrong Article from my poem Database. Next week, I will be presenting more or less Gazal of my ability. But, for today, do not stop enjoying reading my Blog!!!!


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