Boring Days

I am just bored……Nothing to do here, little unwell and feeling little cold. Many of our friends have left the college early on the afternoon because we have 5 days holiday and the people who are from Chennai and Banglore went their home. Even most people from Delhi went. Hostel looks deserted. I have so much works here, so many conference papers to write, so many articles to type and so many projects’ final drafts be prepared. But, too bored to do anything. Totally exhausted and listless, no energy at all.

I am updating my blog after the gap of 5 days mostly because of the lack of topics and lack of working mind. There is nothing to write substantial and nothing to do much. Spending much of the time talking with people, listening to music, and reading News. Two news, particularly, the incident of London and Nepal, I am following since some days. Today, some Indian Newspapers claimed that the recent talks between the Maoists and Nepal Government was on behest of Indian Blocks—whatever North or South. And another News, That is roaming around my mind is yesterday’s London incident. London Police has done a great job saving the lives of many people. I afraid sometimes, how many people has to die in this earth before terrorism is eliminated. I wish nothing untoward incident takes place anywhere in the world. I can only wish, and can do nothing more than that.

There were other some News those I recently read about was the funny Picture of king Gynendra of Nepal from and inclusion of Saurav Ganguly in the Indian National Cricket squad. I like Saurav playing Cricket and I hope that he augurs this time.

I am not in mood of writing much. I am reading Bill Clinton’s My Life, I am fond of biography and will continue that after this. Enjoy Life till next time, I see you!


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