Music Once again………

I am simply bored to write anything, to type anything. Because I am not so well and nothing much to write. Hostel looks quite deserted as we have 5 days holidays and most of the friends have gone home. I was planning to go to meet my friends but because of health problems, decided t be here. I am recovering slowly, let’s see how will be progress.

I am listening to music and doing as good as nothing in academic fields. There are somethings to be done and extremely hopeful that can do in times in coming days.

I am very fond of music. It can sure anything in my case in most of the time.Yesterday, I got a link from from where I am downloading Nepali Music mostly Remix Nepali songs. I do not put that link here because that link may be illegal and I may be assisting to commit the crimes of copyright vioaltions.

Now, Talking about Music, mostly Nepali Music that i have downloaded yesterday are old Nepali folk music and in remix version and they are giving me a lot of entertainment despite running nose conditions. In comple silence, they are producing some vibes arond me enough to create feel good factor.

Ok, No more nonsensse right now………


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