Absolutely Nothing……..

It’s so good not to go class, no regular lectures and not much pressure of academic works. We have 5 days holidays and almost 3 days have elapsed here without doing any substantial fruitful works but that does not affect my happiness quotient. I am feeling good and there is nothing to regret in life and nothing to worry. Very few friends are here in Hostel and I hardly get company to talk with them but Music is with me as usual.


I have downloaded some Nepali good remix numbers and some even LOK GEET (folk lore). I hardly like them—these so called business-oriented LOK GEET—but this time, I have decided to save them for some days before deleting them. Let’s have a different taste for some days.


Now, I am talking about life, Good life. My life, I think, is pretty good. I am really enjoying and good thing about me and people like me is hardly any thing can disturb their course of actions normally. So, if I have a glass of wine on my hand and Jazz playing in Background like Pink Floyd, hardly your Metallica vibes can affect my enjoying environment. You got it….let me enjoy in a way I like and you go ahead with what you like. Simple.  But, most of the people show stimulus otherwise. Mostly, among girls, they have fear of losing. Just happened to chat with one of my friends from Kathmandu, she told how much she was shattered because of her break up, how much she feels like crying. But, why? When you know that there is no mutual understanding between each other and if he or she does not understand your feelings, what is the meaning of loving or pretending as if you love him/her forever. This is amazing about love, and at least I never had this problem. I can not laugh at them nor intend to do so, but easily feel pity on them for not trying to understand the situation. They are not trying to understand not because they are incapable of doing so, but because they want sympathy from people. It’s simply unbecoming character because by doing so, you are weakening yourself and when one day, some situation comes where you have to strengthen yourself, may be you lose the war.

That’s why I simply love the noble philosophy of Existence in vacuum. Whether you care or not, I am happy with myself doing whatever I like and get pleasure without harming others. If you are unhappy and frustrated with life, Just simply adopt the philosophy of simply being happy………………

And one more thing, I do not have anything to write here but request you to follow the given link and join there as a member and participate in the discussion. http://www.wnso.org


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