Sensible Talking

My earlier post “if you can see something, your are Lucky” was absolutely crap. In that post, I had tried to show you the photo slides that I prepared with the help of but I failed. This wordpress blog did not support these codes. If you have Hi5 account, you can visit mine also where you can see some of my photos though I agree with you that what a crap face I have. So, if you have little time you may visit

Now, after long days, I am blogging again. Blogging in the true sense. I am trying to write something here. I had 5 days nice holidays and I could do and write anything but who will wins over laziness. I also was defeated by my laziness. Today is the last or 5th day of holiday and still no plan of preserving these moments and utilizing. Life is simply moving in its own speed and dragging me with it. Let it go.

Looking back at these 5 days, what I did. Essentially I did not do anything substantially but still there are some points that I must mention. Now, Bill Clinton is campaigning for his first Presidential Election. You might be surprised but hold on yourself. I am talking about Bill Clinton’s Biography My Life. I started reading it some days ago and I crossed the journey of almost 400 pages and equally same amount of pages are yet to read. I find Biography interesting to Read and Clinton’s My LIFE is not less interesting. By these four hundred pages, we know his childhood and his elections for the post of Arkansas Governor. A Law graduate of Oxford and Yale University, his life is really thrilling.

Being a Law Student, I also dream about, sometimes going to Oxford, Haward and Yale Law Schools but when I think about the geographical and social Background from where I come, I see these dreams a mere dream, a distant dream. Let’s see what happens in life and when I talked about these things with my one friend in Nepal, She was quite optimistic that I will reach there. Her kind word to help in anyway she can, were very lovely words to hear, enough to console my heart for a time being. In future, Jo ho jayega, dekha Jayega.

In various interactions with the people around the world, I can see everybody’s anxiety about education and getting good job shaping good career. I see and understand the competitive mind of people who are in Japan, UK, USA studying and doing various works. After I have been selected in International Working Committee Member of Worldwide Nepalese Students Organisation (,

My interaction has increased with the people from various walks of life. I hope these interactions with these learned people will help me to shape and start my journey from these third world countries to some Advanced University of the West. We are planning to integrate Nepalese Students around the world and In India especially, we have a lot of challenges because of scattered and less interested youth because they can at any time, can switch their journey back to Nepal. What more, it’s very difficult to imagine the situation of country where we lack quality education and good infrastructure. We can understand the people’s anxiety over opportunity and work. There are always problems hovering around us in the matter of providing enough opportunities in this world and in our country’s case, which is even more difficult. First some years after the peace, we have to spend in the reconstruction of damaged infrastructures in that bloody civil war. With a lot of optimism, I conclude my Post.


5 thoughts on “Sensible Talking

  1. Ops! U reminded me I have the one, Bill Clinton’s Autobiography, yet not finished….these days I am so much addicted to these fashion mags I almost have forgotten my Novels & Biographies books.

  2. Ok, Jyoti Now, I can hope that You start reading these Novel and Biography stuffs. I think they may not be so helpful as fashion magazines but still give enough insights to see life from reverse angle. :)Keep on commenting.

  3. hey man…it was great pleasure to read about Navaratri festival and its importance,on your article.The articles are good to read and interesting.keep it up….
    Wish u and all the visitors of this site A VERY HAPPY VIJAYADASHAMI.

  4. Kul Chandra Ji, Thank you very much for ur comment.but u commented on wrong post. In the bottom of every post, there is a link to post ur comment. Anyway, great to see ur comments. Keep on commenting.

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