My Last blog.

YES, it is my last blog for this week. I am plannong to go for a trip around some Indian Metros and city for almost 10 days and will not be updating my blog for more than a week but as soon as I come back, I will be updating my blog with some information and photos that I will have. So, For the time being, read this blog and Enjoy…..and keep on waiting to see my updated entry. As far as my plans are concerned, I will be updating this page only on 29th of August after Today.

But, Today, I will be talking a lot of things. I try to give you enough dose/diet from this entry today that I hope You will never be bored within this coming weeks eventhough You see me unupdated blogs.
Yesterday, I gave a try to type in Nepali language and You can see in previous entry how badly and pathetically I typed there. I think I should give up idea of typing in Nepali except some poems and Gazals that I love. Otherwise, I can not see my future in blogging in Nepali Language. Now, natural questions may arise in ur mind that do I have future in blogging typing the contents in English Language. I think so but the more accurately and with more preciseness, You can tell me. Your each and every sweet and sour comments, I would appreciate without any pain. I hope that you will be guiding me on coming days. You means only you and all of you who love to read me.

About my plan, I am heading north to Delhi and from there to Puna from my south City Hyderabad. In Delhi, I will be meeting with some of my friends and with a friend, I will be heading to Pune City. There I am presenting a paper on “Corporate Criminal Liability:Issues of Jurisdiction in International Law”. It sound too hype yes! The Conference is organised by Edict-Inter School Law magazine. Last Year also, I presented a paper in First Edict Conference that was held in New Delhi and at that time, my paper title was “Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990: Is it still alive?”. Last year, in my paper, I heavily criticized despotic monarch’s ambititious but stupid roadmap by circumventing Constitutional Provisions. People really gave very good response that time and I hope that this year also, I can leave some marks there and can make people feel my presence. It is second Edict Conference in that sequence.
I have heard that many people, around 16 students from Kathmandu School of law, Kathmandu are coming there to attend the conference. I am not sure about the numbers but surely, 4/5 students are certain to come there, according to information that I have got. I am looking forward to meeting them and welcoming them and exchanging words with them about the current situation of the country and about the emerging scientific legal Education. We, the young generation, of course, should have discourse on the emerging scenarios in the world. But, I have a very busy schedule there and already people are waiting my arrival there to meet with me…All my nepalese Friends. We will certainly revive our old days there. Even more than this, the friend that I meet in Delhi will bring more aroma in my feelings and thoughts and I am extremely delighted to meet so many friends around.

This is my plan for rest of the days and all my academic works currently have been devoted to make it successful. Immediately after this Edict Conference, I will be presenting another paper in Hyderabd, most probably but I will be writing about it, only after things will be cared and after 29 of this Month.
I talked a lot of things about me…Now, little thing about my country. The price rise of Petroleum Products seems to spark violent protests. Price Rise is inevitable but it would be better if there was little rise. the rise this time, seems to be very steep. anyway, which government in our country really cares about General People. These are the same old people in slightly changed scenario. I hope that they will do something good for my nation but I am not much optimistic or hopeful from their activities……….
Ok, take care…….Let the Peace Prevail in our Country!

At the last my two line Gazal

प्रेममा धोका हुन्छ भन्ने बल्ल आज थाहा पाए
किन कुन्नी थाहा छैन तर तिम्रो लागि गीत गाए


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