Ok, I am back again.

Hi folks……I am here in my room in Hyderabad, India again. I am back from my long trip. In my last post, I had said u(u remember) that I am going to Delhi and Pune from there. Yes, I went there and just yesterday morning, I arrived back to my University. Had loads of funs, met with many peoples there, met many friends and at last, I had to take a sad Step towards Hyderabad………Yes, sad very sad, and that sad step also, I took. We are bound or guided by time.So, I am. Now, I have many photos of the tour and manything to say and write here but I will be taking some days to put those Photos here. But, Do not worry. I will be writing and updating my blog regularly…….See You till next entry.


2 thoughts on “Ok, I am back again.

  1. yeah man….u look fatigued in the picture physically but afresh mentally…..as it happens to everybody after a hectic journey of 25 hrs by train……sometime we feel so tired that we cant even stand properly on the two leg….the energy level goes very low,even reaches to negative…..
    many people has described life in their own way…some say that life itself is an unending journey…that everyone has to make during his lifetime…som ppl reaches to the destination,while some peoples’ journey remains unaccomplished…….
    so the process goes on and goes on…..and goes on…….get inherits in the similar fashion……..this is what a journey is…an unending journey…………

  2. Wow!!!!!What a great comment Mr. Kulchandra Ji. First of all thank u very much for reading me and writing something there.Your words are so beautiful that I have always admired your ability to express. Why do not you also start a blog and express your self? You can be agreat writer, author of true feelings Kool Ji. I hope that I will be very fortunate to get your intellectual and poetic company.

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