Writing something: My Life in/Travel to New Delhi

waiting for train in New Delhi

Yes, I was back to my usual place some days before but I have not been able to write anything. I am slightly suffering from common cold and running nose and that was hindering me to write something here but though I am not fully fit yet, I am trying to type something today.

From where to start? Ok, I will start from my new plans. If you remember, I had written in my Nepali Blog, (I mean that one when I tried to write in Nepali,) that I do not have Digital Camera and can not take photos of much of the things around and can not give the Photo Blog. But, still with the help of some kind and generous friends, they have given me the opportunity of taking some photos around wherever I went. Some Photos are a bit old, say as old as 8/9 months. But, I am thinking to make blogs based on those photos. I will write my experience of visiting those places and feelings when I was there. How is my plan? I think it is not a bad idea.

Now, Next thing, you know that recently, I went to New Delhi and Pune. I always like Delhi. This is my 5th or 6th visit to that place and everytime, I go there, I like it. Flat big Roads, very clean Main Roads, Big Malls, too much happenings and good people around. That is the feature of Delhi. Good people in the sense good looking people. I am not talking about the good charactered people. In terms of attitude and unhelpfulness, Delhi people are far ahead than people from any other states though I have many Good and kind hearted Friends from there. If you are new in Delhi, it’s better if you do not expect much help from people there. neither from general public, nor from autorikshaw wallas, nor from Dhaba wallas and not from Bus wallas. Study little about the Roads and places in Delhi and go there and make very bold decisions without any fear based on your knowledge. If you believe much in the words of others, you will be nicely cheated and some occasion easily looted in a similar way as one of my friends was, recently in June, was looted there.

Though New Delhi has so many drawbacks, I like it very much. So many opportunities there and so many centres and hub for knowledge. For a law student like me, Supreme Court of India, Indian Law Institute, Indian Society of International Law, Delhi University and Jawahar Lal Neharu University etc are in Delhi, and they truly represent the meeting point for galaxy of scholars.

But, this time one incident in Delhi really made me feel sad. There is one Area called Tibetan Market, which is Majnu ka Tila in Arunanagar Colony. There are many hotels established by Nepalis…..Most are nepali Buddhists from Bouddha Kathmandu. That place is on the Ring Road of Delhi and a bit cheaper and quiet but this time, those people refused to provide me any rooms there. I explained in Nepali also that I am from Nepal but despite having room empty, they refused to let me stay there. My face is slightly similar to Uttar Pradesh and Bihari people, as my friends tell me, and their policy there was not to provide any rooms unless you look Mangolian Chinky. It’s very sad, and pure case of discrimination and very unfortunate. Of Course, their behaviour does not deter me to go to Delhi and I got and will get as many Hotels to stay in Delhi so long as I pay but it really makes anybody feel sad. At last, I stayed in some Hotel in Paharganj; it is near from New Delhi railway station.

Even with some problems in Delhi, I admired it except some of the irritating instances.

One of them is New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj. I think it is the most stinking and unorganised Indian railways platform. So much crowd there and much disorganised Platforms. And Delay of railways in India is a general rule rather than exception. Same thing happened on 24th August also. My Train was supposed to come at 11 O’clock but it came more than half an hour late and on that hot day, It was ridiculous to wait for those delay trains that too on stinking platforms. Once Train came, we, I and My friend, started journey to Pune. I will describe the events of pune and journey towards it on my next Blog.

Kindly bear the big picture and wrong date on the photo. Use FireFox mozilla for good view.


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