I am very sleepy now. very very sleepy. so, thought that it’s good to write something in this unupdated blog. What to write? almost nothing. Nothing to write but I shall try to kepp on bluffing something. Let’s give a bird’s view to my activities that I had done after I updated my blog with last entry on around 9th Semptember. A lot of pressure of study, so many projects to do and so much to Read in Interpretation of Statutes, Judicial Process and Legislative Drafting(IOS), little time to relax. Forget about that Josh and Jagar to write something in Blog.

After updating my blog, again, I will be reading a new Case from my Reading Materials for my Tomorrow’s class. Looking back at the last week, What I did was almost nothing. I just read papers and kept on following News. Recent Coup in Thailand is a news that I am closely following after Cricket-DLF Cup between India, Australia and West Indies. Tomorrow’s India and Australia match is going to be a real fight between the two good teams, I hope we can enjoy watching that one.

Last week, we had our Mid Semester Exam. I did better in Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs) and IOS as compared to other three. last week was full of rain, it rained almost three days continuously. now, sun Shines day, we have seen…….whatever may be there to come in future, life is good……….Take care.



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