Nothing Great…….

I had just started studying some documents on Trade Law, but the sleepy mind is hunting me constantly. I thought it’s better to write something than to sleep. There is nothing great that I can write here, or nothing great that I have to write here. I am updating Cricket Score between Australia and India from Internet since there is no cable Connection Today in our Hostel. Background Music is “Aaj Jane ka Jid na karo”. I am listening to all the music from my computer and if I find any song not good, I am deleting them. My 40GB hard disc is almost full with so many documents and Songs. I am cleaning it. As part of my Seminar, I have to study International trade Law and I am just reading some of the documents related to SAPTA and SAFTA. Both these documents are related to the Free Trade in South Asia.


One thought on “Nothing Great…….

  1. gr8………..
    i was reading u ,once tried out commenting too while u were in pune..but compma prob aayera type gareko sabai delete bhayo, ani aru k chha? i m sorry i cudnot help u for ur paper presentation..hope u can understand me………..ani..keep on blogging..keep on rocking………

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