In Today’s Times of India, in one Corner, there was a small column. That column was dedicated to explain Navaratri and along with its title in the paper, there was written somewhere in one side about special Navaratri Edition or something like that. Though Times of India is not the type of Paper I love to read, it happened that I had to read Times of India when I had to pass those good moments available for me after bunking first two classes. I had given a Bird’s View on THE HINDU before I left my hostel to go to Dining Hall, THE HINDU nowhere, talked about Navaratri so far as I remembered at that time.

As soon as I saw that small column on Times of India, I had little suspicion and anxiety to know whether today is GHATASTHAPANA or not, the first day of my great Festival DASHAIN. Later, I asked the same question to my two Nepali Juniors in the University, but they expressed their ignorance like me. When I checked News around 1.30, then, only I realised that Today is GATASTHAPANA. What a surprise! Dashain is coming near and near and it is so near but we all were ignorant of it, so pleasantly sad moment.

This will be my 4th Dashain (and even TIHAR) that I am not in home consecutively. The last Dashain I celebrated was 2002 AD’s Dashain. After that, not only I am not with my family but have not celebrated Dasahain at all. Previous Three Dashain went without any charm and enthusiasm and frankly, I did not feel so sad as compared to this Year. May be earlier, our country was marred in violence and we all are affected by it, that made me feel why to celebrate festival in such a grave tragic situation of the country. This year we can see the positive signs. People’s powers have been returned to people and violence has been stopped. We are in a great hope that our leaders will translate this peace to a living reality of the ages that yet to come. In such a pleasant background, I hope this Dashain will be different from preceding years’ Dasahain.  May Durga Bhawani bless all of US!

I am feeling sad because I can not attend Dashain in this year too and may be not next year’s too but I want to feel my country’s new hopes and the way people want to celebrate it. When we will be far from our country, unfortunately, sometimes we can not keep track of events also. Like till today, I did not know how far Dashain is. It’s really a great festival that I miss. Country must be really exalted to have a new festival without any disturbance.

Slightly changing my talks, why we celebrate this festival? There are a lot of stories from every Hindu Epic. Some relate Dashain with Ram’s return to his native land, some victory over Ravana and etc etc.. While I was talking in the morning with my Junior Nepali Deepika, She told us (me and Samridha-another junior) that she wants money on the day of Tika from both of us. It’s true that children obviously love this festival because of monetary aspects too. Being a son also, I had enjoyed receiving Money from my Mawali Hajurbuwa(Mother’s father). That was an added adavantage. While thinking those days, feelings crop in mind in a way to make me feel sadder for being unable to attend Dashain. For those who are able to attend Dashain this year Happy VijayaDashami. Celebrate the Festival with new hopes, new desires and with new dreams of New Nepal.

Jaya Durge!!!!!!!!!


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