In the process of resuming writing………..

Today is Saturday and tomorrow is, as usual, Sunday. There is nothing significant to mention these days here except tomorrow is holiday. Sundays is holiday on every week and generally I, in fact, we all the students of NALSAR eagerly wait for this day. We can watch movie till 5AM in the morning and can get up at 1 O’clock in the afternoon, just to take Lunch. So, Sunday has some special significance in our “scheme of things”. The phrase “Scheme of Things” is a borrowed phrase from Indian Cricket Players, from Indian Cricket Coach Greg Chappell, and from Indian Cricket Selectors. The same Indian Cricket Team which is nicely losing almost all the matches they are playing recently. Yesterday, same thing happened with Indian Team and that was not any different from our usual expectations. Team India crumbled even in a worse way than pack of cards in a Tri-angular DLF Cup, in Malaysia; the two other teams are Australia and West Indies.  The mighty Australia nicely guarded not so big but still not small Target. Indian Team must have packed their bags and must have returned to India by this time with guilty and shame. Most of the Readers who read my blog will not like India except you are Indian. Most of the Nepalese do not like Indian Cricket, Indian Football, Indian Policy. You do not like many more things about India if you were told to make a list. Most of the Nepalese Youth who I know do support Pakistan than India when the situation demands in case of sports and other activities. If you are typically from Kathmandu or from many years, if you are staying in that Valley, I am sure your discontent and hatred towards India might be in the growing trend. I just express my sincere sympathy to them who just see Nepal means Kathmandu and forget India’s little Contributions to keep Nepal going. India’s little help in the sense, you can not expect much help from outsiders and it is our solemn duty to do something for our Country than expecting much from foreigners. I do not have any hatred towards India but Certainly I have some strong reservations towards the Policies which India is floating from the time of its Independence. I will be talking such anti-friendship policies of India in some other blog in some other appropriate time.


Today, I want to write a lot of things here because I have not written for so many days as well I have holiday tomorrow and I will not have much pressure on me now. I had earlier added two small entries for the sake of blogging when I was bored pressurised by my Academic Activities.

One Interesting thing happened last week or even before that. One of the Vernacular Nepali Daily “Kantipur Rastriya Dainik”(available @, in its Saturday KOSELI, published one Article about Community Websites. Community websites are those from where you can make Online Community. There are various online Communities in WebWorld like Orkut, Hi5, Bingbox etc etc. I knew that it is going to be published soon written by Dinesh Wagle. (Journalist and Blogger of I had provided some inputs for that Article in the section about me and that Newspaper published small piece of the front page of my Orkut Profile. Since I have made my Orkut Profile just for the sake of fun, there are some factual wrong data and I did not even care me if somebody quotes me from there. The Most interesting thing that happened there was My college’s Name is written as “Shameerpet Law College” in that Newspaper on the basis of what I have written in my Orkut Profile. My University is situated in Shameerpet Village in Hyderabad and most of the illiterate and uneducated rural people from this area name our University as Shameerpet Law College. When they tell its name, we laugh and make fun of ourselves telling Student of Shameerpet Law College. After reading that Article in Kantipur, I laughed a lot, sometimes alone and sometimes with Friends. It turned out to be a good joke. By the way, the name of our University is “National Academy of Legal Studies And Research (NALSAR) University of Law”, situated in Justice City, Shameerpet, Hyderabad. These are all about my little things to say to you who might be visiting my blog taking little time from your study and work. Keep on Browsing………………….


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