Dashain Aayo !!!!!ani Gayo pani….

Dashain aayo ani Dashain gayo pani. It is the work or duty of dashain that it comes and goes. The previous entry in this blog I had written on the date of Ghatashthapana and again, today, after a long time, I am updating it. Much later, and much much later from the day of even Kojagrat Purnima—the last day of our great festival BadaDashain.

I can not write here all the accounts of what I did from that day to today but I fairly write how my days are passing by. I have been dragged by time to move with it. If I am not able to go with it, I have fear that I may be left somewhere and time moves so fast that I can not meet it again. This happens in 21st Century and this is normal. So, when and where time drags me, I am accepting readily to move with it……I think it is the realistic definition of life.

In this Dashain, I was not in home and this has become a very usual matter for me from 2002. I never celebrated Dashain when I was not in home, but this year, it was slightly different from rest of the previous year. We all gathered in Kool Chandra’s place in Hyderabad city and did nothing much byt enjoyed our lives. Eating, Playing Cards, talking with Friends, and unfortunately drinking too are the parts of life, are the parts of having fun and we easily embraced it. One of my friend, Madan, in the morning from kathmandu, was asking me whether we put Tika too. I said No.No. We did not. We could not gather in such a scale also to have such ceremony of putting Tika. In abascence of Tika also, it was not less charming……..A rememberworthy Dashain this year………

Ayyo ani Gayo Dashain………..Bye Bye 2006 Dashain.

When I was in Dashain Holiday, it was not that I did not have access to computer to type and writes omething in My blog. If I wanted, I could write anything for 24 hours, but simply I did not do, that Environment and sorrounding around me was so cool taht no one used to feel sitting in front of net. I succumbed to the force of sorrounding…..What is my fault?

After a long time, I got some time today to write something here. I submitted all my projects today for this semester and I am slightly relaxed.

Now, one more thing that I am doing all these days is constantly following some of the news in the world. The first news was related to the threat of Nuclear Weapon by North Korea. I had expected that North Korea will not dare to test it but it showed very defiant behaviour. I support its concern of its own security for the justification of nuclear test but it has raised the concerns of other countries’ security. I believed that it is its sovereign right to test the weapon but time was just bad because it can escalate a lot of threats from international community. It is sheer “brazen” actions on its part, if i have to follow the Chinese press release, wholly agreeing with it. I will be following more news related to it, more concerning with impact on International Law related to United Nations, CTBT(Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on Nuclear Weapons) and issues related with NPT(Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) rather than politics attached with it.

One more thing that I am constantly following is about news of my own country Nepal. Its so ridiculous to see that they have not agreed yet. I think the SPA( Seven Party alliance) are betraying the people what they had promised during April Revolution and Maoist also must show their flexibility. I hope that peace prevails forever in our country now onwards. What more I can do from here………Life rocks here at last…….not surprisingly, Today, my all the projects are over and there is no need of more reasons to be happy. Living life or being alive in this world in today’s age is more than sufficient to be happy……What you say? Keep on tuning on to my blog.Till next time, take care.


2 thoughts on “Dashain Aayo !!!!!ani Gayo pani….

  1. oh….yeah man….dashain aayera pani gai sakechha…..kati chhito,kahile aayo,kahilo gayo;pattai bhayena.it is the fact that every beginning has an end……but this end has left us with an unending memory…..as u had mentioned,this years dashain was very different,in hyderabad;special in its own way…its my fifth year running in hyderabad……we never had such a celebration ever before as we did this time….we ate,drank,played cards,and so on….but the thing we couldnt do was carrying out the tradition and cultural aspect of Great Festival by Putting Tika on our forehead…..though Rajiv was well versed with The Mantra…Aayu Drona Sute………because of lack of Jamara,our programme of Tika just remained in the form of plan only…..
    Dashain aayo ra gayo……pheri pani aaunchha……aaune jane prakriya chalirahanchha…..Jai Mata Durga!!!!!

  2. Of Course, Cool, it would be a great event if we had put tika also. I would have that opportunity to take from you as well. But, do not worry, on coming days, I hope that we can do that. Eventhough we could not take Tika on that special auspicious day, we will always have the blessings of Durga Bhawani. My blessings are also with u……Thulo Manchhe Bannu!!

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