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Ok, I am back again in my blog after a gap of some days. Nothing much to write here but it is necessary to write something when Blog is made. Let’s start with some events that took place in world in last week and before that.

As you remember that I was updating with the events that took place in International scenario last week when North Korea became Nuclear Korea. I was thinking what may be the reaction of Nepal Government. Sadly, it is quite insignificant what Nepal says in International Scenario about any important events but being a sovereign and an independent government, something is expected from the government and may be a bit later but press release was issued by the Nepal Government with expected remarks condemning such tests. Let’s see what happens the stand of China and Russia in imposing the sanctions against Korea. Till the time this Blog was typed, I could read the news that China and Russia have taken a bit soft stand as compared to US. One thing they are clear that any military action against North Korea will not provide any solution and other economic sanctions are the best means to teach the lesson. But, whatever they do should not ignite the fire of nuclear war….that is what general people around the world feel.

One more thing is going to happen soon. Ban Ki Moon (what a BANKI pareko Name!) seems to be elected unopposed as a Secretary in United Nations. There was Sashi Thooror as another candidate from India but he withdrew later after getting some negative votes in preliminary rounds. I am just wondering how Nepal would have responded. Expected Result is that Nepal would second India in that matter for India assisted a lot to re-establish Democracy back in Nepal. But, anti-India sentiments in Nepal must have played little role to deviate Government’s stand had such situation arisen. Let’s not conjecture at this stage.

Now, Coming back to my country, it seems that negotiations between parties and Maoists is going to take some shape but still there are a lot of dissents among them. They need to fill the gap and move ahead with the common motto of eliminating feudal monarchy. Let’s hope they can do it. I have nothing much to write here now. I will be back soon with new entries on coming days. Just take very much great care of yourself.



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