One More Entry

Today, I am in a real good mood and going to write a one more post in my Blog. After a popular demand and a lot of comments from my readers about the font size, today onwards, I am writing my blog with Times New Roman Fonts with 14 size. I hope that everybody from north to south can read my blog without facing any difficulty. Still, if you can not read my blog because of small font size, then, that is not my problem. In your Computer, there must be problem in settings. Please, Try to adjust.

Ok, Coming to the main story of the blog, there is nothing to write much here but once we start something, there must be something before we conclude it. Today, I am wasting some few words writing about myself.

There is no incentives/mood to update the blog quite frequently. I do not know why but my laziness is the prime factor that is playing villain. I am not used to copying somebody’s blog contents, as some people do, and posting here. So, if I do not write anything, it can not be updated.

But, My exam is approaching very near day by day and may be I will not be able to update my blog quite frequently. I hope that readers of my blog will wait for me till the next time it will  be updated. I would like to thank you all of you who visit this page in advance.

Today, Saturday, was holiday in our college and it is holiday even tomorrow, Sunday. But, we, 4th year had IPR (Intellectual Property Rights Law) presentation today. I also had my presentation today. It was on Parody as fair use under Copyright Laws. My topic was quite interesting as it dealt all the cases on movies and music and it was great to present before the class. Tomorrow, I am going to take my lunch in Celebrity Club if things go well. My one of the good friends Vibhu Verma, is going to give his birthday Party in Celebrity Club and I hope that I will be able to attend it. I wish his great happy birthday once again, and would like to thank him once again for inviting me there, from this blog.

Life in short, is running well and I hope that goes very smoothly forever. I wish everybody has great life like me. Thank u all the readers out there!!!!!!!Bye.


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