India and NEPAL……

I have exams, I am too busy in preparation and I have no time to update my blog. This is quite clear but still, I am going to write something today taking some time off from my study. There is a News Paper in India Called THE HINDU, very much biased to leftist ideology like me. I am fan of this News Paper. Remind you, I am not fan of anything in this world, not even of music, actors, actresses, and sportspersons. But, I am fan of this paper THE HINDU. Though it presents very much biased news, it does not play dirty journalism. What is dirty journalism? I will be writing about this sometimes later when I have very much free time than this. This News Paper has some sorts of coherence and consistency while presenting news and there we can find very many analytical and balanced critiques on relevant local, political and global issues. That makes this paper very much readable. You can check online Edition of this paper here: which has recently started its amazing digital e-paper too.

I buy this News Paper everyday. Hawker Sinu everyday, throws a paper before my door before I get up and later when I get up, I collect it and put inside and read it later. I never read it immediately because I have no times. I will be delayed to reach my 5 minutes far classroom if I start reading paper considering the fact that everyday; I get up at 8.30 AM except some exceptional situations. I carry paper in my bag and read in classroom sometimes later when we have each 5 minutes break after each one hour class. If it happens that classroom is boring or if I get seat at the back row, sometimes, I read even in the class while teacher will be explaining some nonsense dicta and juristic verbose. But, this happens rarely.

Now a day, because of exams, I am unable to read this paper everyday. I just see front page, see some photos, read some captions on those photos published there, and go directly to almost last pages where there are some news about sports. After that, I have to throw them. It’s sad but it’s the truth. During exams, I have to keep other stuffs in my priority list than reading Secular The Hindu.

Now, the main story of the day- I was trying to throw some of the papers from my room, One story caught my eyes. I threw all the old papers except one The Hindu of Tuesday, October 24, 2006, Hyderabad Edition, and page 12. This page is named as VARIETY. Under VARIETY Section, The Hindu always publishes “This Day that Age”. In this section, there will be news from The Hindu published 50 years back. So, one of the News is there “Assurance to Nepal” from the pages of THE HINDU dated October 24, 1956. This is a small piece but I find it quite interesting. I will be reproducing here.


“Assurance to Nepal

Speaking at a banquet given in his honour in Kathmandu by King Mahendra on October 22, the President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, said India had no territorial ambitions and none need fear any aggression from her. “We do not wish to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries,” he declared. In what is regarded as the most important public pronouncement of his present four-day visit to Nepal, the President said that any threat to peace and security of Nepal was as much a threat to peace and security of India. “Your friends are our friends and our friends yours.” He expressed the hope that the links binding India and Nepal from time immemorial would bind the two countries forever. “Your country and mine follow a policy of peace and friendship towards all. India does not believe in military alliances and military blocs. We believe in the methods of peaceful negotiations to solve international conflicts.” Proposing a toast on his own behalf and on behalf of his Government and people to the health and long life of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and the ever-growing prosperity of India, King Mahendra said that the President’s visit would go down in history as an event of significance to both Nepal and India.” (Copyright is vested in Original Paper THE HINDU, Please Do not copy for any unfair USE and remind you here that What I am doing is only for fair dealing.)

I have a general policy of not to copy from any other blogs or papers and fill in my blogs, as many bloggers in this world do, but this situation is different here and I think that this gives some view points to readers to know Indian Foreign Policy of 50 years back. Of Course, what leaders say may not be done by them in practice and many people may not believe but it must have historic relevance to know what the then Indian President told at that time. And now both the people, the then Indian President and Nepal King are away from this mundane planet, it may be even more interesting to know what happened at that age.

During the era of cold war in the global arena, and somewhat cold relationship China backing Nepal and India, this {mere} assurance must have some significance. Think about it!!!!!!See you soon in my next entry.


6 thoughts on “India and NEPAL……

  1. hey! u r always full up of loads of information. Your blogs seems to be intresting for now ownwards will be regular with your blogs. And thanks for posting those so called ancient stuff.. 🙂 carry on babbu

  2. hey man…..great thing to read …….it has revived the forgotten past …….which many people are still unaware of……..and the thing u had mentioned abt ur timetable and daily routine is the situation whic most of the student face,in their daiy life….

  3. Hi koolchandra ji……it was so great to get ur feed back here. Being born in poor traditional and conservative family, my mind was always indoctrinated as “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”…..So, whenever I sleep late, I regret for that. But, situation does not allow me to sleep early but I think, now, I have to be relieved after u told that most of the students in this age live like me………..their timetable is exactly like me………now, i can breath with relief……..Let me take a long breath ok………….huhffffffffffffffffffff…..
    may be those old people were right…….but I do not worry now……If we develop defects by sleeping late, let it be…….anyway, we all are gonna be defective sons, defective dads, and defective grandpas in future………let it be……….now, I am breathing long air…………hughghghhhhhhhhhhhh
    Let the world enjoy!, let us enjoy…….Keep on reading, keep on commenting Cool Ji.

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