Finally Back again after a Long time.


This Blog Page will be updated further in this address( and not in this address ( I understand the kind of difficulty the readers of this blog face from our migration from one domain to another but I sincerely request you to condone me on this aspect. The safety of the blog and that of its contents are the primary factors, while deciding to go back to my old home, and to know the details read this Post in Details.

एउटा भनाइ नै छ नि “घुमि फिरि रुम्जाटार”। तेस्तै छ मेरो ब्लग को कहानि। मैले कहिले बाट ब्लग लेख्न सुरु गरे भन्ने जान्न त यो पढ्नु होस् तपाइले/ (। कहिले यहा कहिले त्य्हा ब्लग्गिङ् गर्दै हिनेको मान्छे म। केहि समय बाट मैले आफैलै एक किसिम को इस्ट्याबिलिटि दिने ट्राइ गरे अनि ब्लूगिङ् सुरु गरे मा/

After sometime, I found Word press blog inadequate for me because of many reasons. I thought Blogspot will be handier than Word Press. One of the reasons that I moved from my WordPress to Blogspot was to insert some google adsense in my blog and to make little money, and that was not that bad decision. What is wrong if someone desires to earn little money from blogging. I also thought the same and inserted some google adsense. I could earn little more than 25 USD within a week and that was almost 3-4 USD per day. But, immediately Google Ad sense banned me on the reason that some unnecessary clicks were generated there and again was not wrong reason to ban me. 🙂 After one or two appealing processes, it was clear that I was banned and that too forever. And with that ban, my main reason to decide to move to blogspot was almost shattered.

अब केवल पैसा कै लागि मात्रै ब्लग गर्या पनि होइन यो लाईफ मा/ Google adsense ले ब्यान गरे पनि, I was determined to blog continuously and kept on blogging on any issues that may have pleased to me.

अब म र मेरो ब्लग माथि अर्को बज्रपात आइलाग्यो on Wednesday, February 28, 2007. कसैले मेरो जिमेल ह्याक गर्‍यो र मेरो ब्लग पनि /

Some derogatory and adult contents were posted there which was later removed by the hackers himself. With a lot of efforts, the gmail password and Blog was recovered on Friday, March 2, 2007 from the hackers who mailed me these passwords in my another yahoo mailbox.

After efforts from our side, we found who the hacker is. He told he hacked my gmail and blog to take a personal revenge on me on the issues when we, the hacker and I, had a scuffle on the net which was ended in a event of abusing each other.
There is a saying that you will be a lone runner in the internet even if you win, after a heated arguments. It’s better for us not to chat with many people or to get involved in unhealthy, unintellectual, and unnecessary discussions in the internet. And from that day, I have reduced the time of online chatting with people, and definitely not with them, whom I hardly know and have to never deal with.

we resolved the matter amicably and he returned all my passwords.

So, Chamatkaribaba and Team were back again and here we are.

अब के गर्ने, कसैले ब्लग नै ह्य्याक गर्‍यो भनेर ब्लगगिङ नै स्टप गर्ने कुरा पनि भएन । ब्लगिङ् त गर्नै पर्‍यो । And I am in my old blogpage भनेर मैले माथि नै भनि हाले । कुरो कसको ब्लग र कस्को जिमेल कसले हयाक्क गर्यो मात्रै हैन। कुरो Internet Security को हो यहा। कुरो Cyber Crimes को छ यहा/

The hacker when posted some adult contents in my webpage by stealing the passwords, then, it is the case of cyber crimes. It shows how vulnerable our internet system is and it must teach lesson to all of us bloggers regarding the safety of medium what we are using.

Before I would be writing on other issues, I would like to thank Blogger Nepal Diary ( (and some other Bloggers who helped) for extending generous support to recover the hacked blog page and email password in the time of distress.

I am focusing here on bloggers because, we most of the bloggers, are not so tech-savvy. We know very little about Network security and methods that we can employ to protect our pages from hackers. It seems that if knowledge is misutilized, hackers can do anything when they want.

In Nepal, with the evolution of BLOGAN, I could see that some of the activities that they are going to undertake are to teach the naïve Nepalese bloggers about the jargon in blogging world. How to make it? How to post it? How to moderate comments etc. etc. Then, the basic issue of security and how to protect our pages from slipping on the hands of so called hackers, and not only that but general safety measures as well, should be on the agenda of BLOGAN’s new initiatives. An ill-intention of the criminals can not be stopped at all but protective measures can be taught and learnt, I guess.

Now, amidst the tension of hacked blog, I was unable to update my blog for so many days. So, I am writing here a long post today covering almost all the measure issues of the period. There was Holi. I could not wish anyone on time but belated happy holi and I hope that everyone enjoyed well and got hit with lola and colours. J

Here, even in foreign land, that is ( परदेशमा पनि) Holi was not less interesting/entertaining than in Nepal. We throughly enjoyed it.

You can see it in the photo. I am also there but People have poured so much colour on each otherthat I am unable to recognize where I am. If you guys know, let me know hai. (ahem!!)


THERE are some of the Nepalese Job holders, jobless, Scholarship holders, self-finanncing students from Nepal gathered in a Flat. WE played in such a wild way that may be that flat has still smell of rotten eggs 🙂 and we throughly understood the plight of the house owner and anger after the Holi was over. 🙂

Now, since the security matter has pertinent bearing on the further updates of this blog, we are moving back to our Old page in WordPress. ( This blog will not be updated since today and we request all of you to navigate from here to our old page for many more updates. When we moved from wordpress to blogspot, our feet were in air with lots of expectation and enthusiasm; J today we are going back by keeping our controlled foot on ground and with some heavy hearts. 😛 But, blogging will be a continuous effort irrespective of how many obstacles we may face on the way.

Ok, Dear friends and folks, Good Bye for today. I will be updating my blog regularly here in I will be back with some photos of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in my next blog in


5 thoughts on “Finally Back again after a Long time.

  1. Great post Rajiv. U almost stole my words. I too was worried about this vulnerability. We at BLOGAN are trying our best to protect bloggers from the hacking. Well, I too feel insecure while working under sub-domains such as blogspot and wordpress. The immediate solution could be your own website. We are planing to provide unique domains for the bloggers in affordable price. You can contact Ujjwal at {CONTENT DELETED ON REQUEST} for more info. keep it up, keep blogging!

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