International Women’s Day (8 March) Special

Before I write something as a first post in this blog as I have promised to make a photo Blog about Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India this post is about International Women Day.( something which is not about me and my blog), let us remind ourselves if you, very few, have dim memory and let me tell all the others who never knew that Today is 8th of march. So, What? What is that I am going to tell you are today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY.

About Women, I found pretty good lines in one website: “She takes care of herself, she is ahead of her time” “She’s always a Woman”. “Yes, that’s how a woman is and should be. Woman, without her, a man is nothing. In fact, without her, the world would not be worth living in.”


When I was in Nepal, it never impacted me. My mother never knew it or even if she knew she never cared to remember it and I guess today also, she is not aware of this day. It was just another day to her, to me, to my family, to most of the Nepalese People. Even today, it affects least to me.

I have never celebrated it but I wish equality as demanded by women and MEN be established in this world.

This year, I got a chance to read this mail from my (SHE) friend.

She is from Kazakhstan, a part of former USSR and her words may create little surprise to most of the people in Nepal and in other some least developing countries. She further says that her parents and sisters called up her from her country to wish her International Day, and they are celebrating HOLIDAY in their country.

Some part of the email goes like this (presented after little editing to make compatible with blog)

My sister called me just now. They have holidays. In the phone, my sister told me: “Why r u in the library? Today is a holiday! Why r U studying all the time, esp. on this day?” I never thought that Women’s day would be sad for me…. It is one of my favourite holidays, but today I want this day to be over soon. I wish it could be over soon. U know, on this day we (women and girls) do not do anything about the house; boys and husbands give presents, and prepare surprises, we have special concert devoted to women, good programs on TV, etc. My sister told she got so many presents from her husband, son and collegues.
In Nepal, many people may laugh after reading this mail. I am not aware whether Nepalese Women get holiday today, if not a holiday to all. In India, it was not holiday. Our University was open today and holiday not even to women workers as we were taught by women Professors just in the morning.

I do not know how many daughters in Nepal are getting greetings from their parents when they wake up in the morning in next room. More precisely how many Nepalese mothers/and sisters really know today is something— something a day meant for them.

Women in this world are living in the inequitable society, probably, right from the time the society developed. And they urge for equal treatment. Nothing wrong.

I am not presenting here the hue and cry of women writers that we have read in almost every subjects of law. But two things, I will not forget. These are two cases: The first one is Air India vs Nargesh Mirza (Where the Supreme Court of India had held that fixing of a lower retirement age for the air hostess than for the men was violative of the Constitution) and another one is R v Kiranjit Ahluwalia.( House of Lords decided that Kiranjit was guilty of manslaughter not amounting to murders and not of murders. The constant torture by husband over the periods was taken as enough grounds to provoke the Accused, and defence was available to her.)

Both these cases dealt with the kind of suffering women saw/have to see in their life. Finally they won in both the cases. But God knows whether its essence has been available to million of women around the world. I had even read somewhere around a year back that Aishwrya Rai from Bollywood is doing the role of Ahluwalia in one movie called Provoked. I think it has not been released yet.

Okay, I will extend my Happy Women Day to all of the Readers of this Blog. 🙂


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