Signing Out……….

Yes, The Time is changing and is changing the priorities in life. Blogging no longer becomes the top most priority in this Competitive World. I think I have nothing to prove by blogging but I can prove so many things in my life, if I try. However, I just can’t leave blogging at this stage and will be updating it.

But, to see its next update, you need to wait for sometime. I will be updating it after taking rest for some days. I am thinking to develop my blog as a blog portal for LAW, Economics, and Corporate Laws & News Affairs rather than writing anything and everything- nonsense and rubbish.

Thank You very much who visited my Blog in the past and hope that you will continue to visit this Blog. I expect your comments and suggestions.

Thanking you……….I am signing out for quite a sometime with a promise to be Back.


4 thoughts on “Signing Out……….

  1. Hey,

    It is really nice to read your blog. I really had no interest in those things but today suddenly i reached to your pages, was searching something to read from Bhagwat Gita in Nepali and your blog apperaed I read few of your pages…it’s nice!!!!!!!!!!! continue it..!!!!!!!!!!

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