Come Back Post

I have again decided to be back in the stage, in the spectrum and once again in this complex web. That is I have decided to resume blogging again after a little stop in few months back.
I was taking a break for a while to see around, to understand the things around me and to make myself more conscious about the things that happen everyday in one corner or another.

I had gone for a little travelling around North of India, in some of the cold hilly areas, in some of the hottest plain areas and I am back today with many many stories about these places.
I have stories about those places, about the people there and many more incidents that happened in those areas. I will be presenting about them in my blog in coming days.

Just in this afternoon at around 1, When Indian Airlines (Indian) landed in Hyderabad Airport just after 2 hours of flying from Delhi, I felt as if I am in my native land. I felt the development of technology and its mega effects. I felt the distance between me and some of the people who were just with me some hours and days before. Now, We are very far from each other but oif course, memory never dies.
I will be presenting undiluated and undisturbed such stories for you on coming days.

I could not sleep yesterday night, on the last day of my Delhi stay and I hve decided to sleep tonight without any fear and nightmares.
Will be seeing you regularly since tomorrow……….


2 thoughts on “Come Back Post

  1. Bhupen ji, Thank you very much for your comment. Yes man, I will be trying to be very much regular to update my blog. I hope that You extend your continuous support in coming days as well.

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