Travelling here and there…….

When I was not blogging in my Blog, I was not in my usual place. I went to visit some of the North Indian cities and mountains.
I love travelling and this time also, I got some oppourtunity to visit some of the places.
I went to Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal State) in India and some places there like Bhimtal, Nainital, Kausani, Almora, Kumaon, Ranikhet. When there was scorching heat in the Notrh India and even more in South, these places were pleasantly cool.

Sometimes, When it rained there, it was really too cold. We, along with many friends, just sat around fire and sang and danced to beat the cool night when we were in Bhimtal.

The Tour was sponsored by ICCR and there were no worry of managing it. They managed everything like where to stay and which dishes be eaten on that particular day. People from many countries like Nepal, Fiji, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and many others from various countries made a good company.
Our Bus drove us to the top of the hills and to the bottom and again t5op and bottom. The curly roads and curve on the hill areas reminded us about Nepal. We talked abaout Nepal. We thought about Nepal. wE FELT as if we are in some parts of Nepal.
This is true that those places where we visited were earlier parts of Nepal almost 2 centuries back until British colony expaned to engulf present India. We felt as if we are in our old homes.

The tour was for little more thn a week and we throughly enjoyed it. We some seven Nepalese and friends from Kazakhstan and Fiji made a good company. We sang, we danced, we made noise, we made fun.
I wonder how and when those moments be back again.

And time passed as usual and we had to come back to Delhi. From there, We scattered to here and there- to our nest. I decided to stay some days in Delhi. I visited Delhi and Aagara, Taj Mahal and forts for about a week.
Now, I am in Hyderabad, with my friends—cool and Ashok. I dream about those past weeks, think about them and thinking to write some more events that I felt and saw there.on Coming days, process continues…….


6 thoughts on “Travelling here and there…….

  1. got to know abt your beautiful experience that u had collected in the tour to Uttaranchal…..i felt like visiting those places and knowing about them from the near distance……..started fantasizing and have thought of visiting them very soon in the near future…..

  2. You have nice blog! I also saw your old blog. ‘chamatkari baba’ sounds familiar to me. Did I see it somewhere on WNSO page?

    By the way, I am a newcomer to this blogging world. Can we exchange links to our respective blogs?

    Thank you.

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