Seeing off somebody in Airport

This is always a difficult task. I had to go this time IGI (Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi) to see off some of my friends who went back to their country after completeing their various
studies in India. We all knew that they had to go and there was no alternative. It was sure, and certain that oneday the date of departure arrives and we were supposed to act in a way the situation demands.

I saw off my friend with heavy heart. We tried to smile but it was indeed difficult. Just I could do was stand outside the terminal and bid a fare to them who are going inside the airport. I felt very lonely. Now, I was alone to come back to my room.
I felt for a while that I also want to fly with them to the destination whereever it goes but that was not going to happen at any cost. I just decided to stop there and roam around the airport…..

It was too hot in delhi and I could not go much farther. I just entered to the visitors Lounge where A/c was provided. I kept on looking those display TVs and Screens where the time Table of Departure flights were mentioned.

I could see that most of the flights of Indian Airlines (Indian) were delayed because of the strikes of its employees. There were some flights on display and more than 70 percent flights at that time were scheduled to Gulf Countries like Abudhabi, Dubai and some other destinations.
It could be easily understood that there was a higher pressure of passengers in that route.
Being a citizen of developing countries like Nepal, I could easily understand why most of the people go to these countries-just sheer for the purpose of earnings. India can not be any exception. Not withstanding the fact that, it has economic growth of more than 8% per year, many Indian people go to these Gulf Countries to earn and make living.
Many Nepalese people also take this route-via New Delhi because of many reasons.

When I saw that the plane which my friends were boarding was now open to board, that meant that after sometime, it leaves the Indian Land and that made me very anxious to stay there. I started staring at the big display board outside to see when the plane flies. I felt sadder at that time than before because every minute was passing making my friends’ saty in India shorter.

I just looked around to see how people are bidding goodbye to their dear ones. I could see peoples’ heavy heart, and eyes full of tears. Most of the people who is leaving by plane was trying to console the ones who stays back but who came there to see someone off could not come back without shedding tears.
Whole scenario there was quite painful, people weare at pain like me and feeling the pain as if they had not felt before.

Among many passengers, I noticed particularly to one passenger and his families. The man was looking quite young and very simple with simple dress. It was a muslim family from somewhere of North India. He was travelling to Dubai. I could see that there were his father, mother, two brothers, wife, and a little daughter to see him off in the Airport. All except the father were in full of tears. Father was alone there to console them.
By looking at that man and his families, I could easily guess that why he is going to Dubai. His feeble mother and very thin dad’s face could not hide how terribly they were hit by poverty. The mother may not be of over 50 but she looked like she has already crossed 70. I could see that the grown up man was the only hope of their family who can feed them if and when hea earns something in foreign land.
All must be expecting that he gets a good job and come backs with some money to pay off the creditor. They must be expecting that he comes back with some money which can buy some jwelleries to his mother and wife, New sarees to them and some amount of land. Who knows what is his fate. But their crying face could indicate how difficult it was for them to send the son to some alien land.

For a while, I thought that my pain and sorrow was nothing in front of them. We young generation, who have access to good education can expect that we study well and earn something in our land itself and can really travel to meet our ones with whom we love to meet but what about them who have to just depend on manual/menial labour to earn. Is there any hope??? I lost in thoughts for a while and by the time, I recovered from these thoughts, my friend’s plane
Air Astana to Almaty (Kazakhstan) had already left.

Feeling lonely and tired, I moved my footsteps towards the nearest Bus Station thinking the pains that we share being a kind and loving human beings……..
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3 thoughts on “Seeing off somebody in Airport

  1. heyyy baba.. thanks for visiting my little place and leaving a comment…:)

    I loved to read your post today and wanna say that you are not alone, there are tons of people feeling lonelier and sadder! and you have to find happiness in littlest possible things and moments in life… world is much smaller now than it was before so you can keep in touch with your friends online 🙂

    cheer up and comment away… 😉

    im soon gonna move to wordpress and proly be asking you for some advice 🙂

    tc and kit

  2. You made me sentimental. Heart is always heavy when we have to part with the dear ones.
    I liked the portrayal of the young man leaving for Dubai. Millions of poor people leave their home and dear ones in the hope of earning some money. It is so true in case of Nepal too. In fact our whole society is almost fragmented due to young people leaving to work in the Gulf region. You can see old men and women only in many villages.

    Wish all of them all the best.

  3. It is always difficult to say good-bye… for both: those who leave and those who come to see off their friends or relatives…. But sometimes we have to do it coz we don’t have any other choice…. We just think and dream… that one day… some day….we’ll meet again with our near and dear….. I believe that it will happen if we really want it to happen. “One day…Some day” will come soon… So cheer up… and don’t feel lonely…. U r not alone …Even if your friends are far from you… I know that U r always in their heart and mind… Distance doesn’t put an end to Friendship or LOVE …..

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