NEPAL in a New Height

It is a great pleasure for this blogger to share this News with its Readers. The date for Constituent Election (Sambidhan Sabha) has been declared in Nepal and It is going to be Mansir 6, according to Nepali Calender, i,e; November 22, 2007.

This is an election that decides the fate of ill fated monarchy in Nepal. That means, the oppressive royal regime and its coterie in Nepal can not impose their criminal, anti-social and undemocratic actions on 27 million freedom loving people.

Talking about Nepalese Monarchy, it represents the old regime which believes in serfdom, slavery and rule by force. Monrachy, in Nepal, has truly represented the famous devils and demons as described in Hindu Religious Epic though widely royal regime represents himself as incarnation of God.

By being King and incarnation of God, Monarchy always thought it is always above the law and never cared to listen to most ill fated nepalese people. As maoists insurgency grew in Nepal, and took charge of most of the areas, then, people got convinced that Monarchy in Nepal is the true cause of all evils and demanded its eradication.

After April Rising in 2006, major political parties in Nepal decided to test the future of monarchy. Now, just 6 months are left in Nepal, and then, the name of the monarchy and despotic oppresive old shah dynasty will be completely written off!!!

The Blogger could not contact any member of Royal families, popularly tagged as “bunch of criminals” to know their views.

Nepalese people must say in November that “Free Royal Scoth” is enough for old regime.

Read News here:

Jaya Republic Nepal


4 thoughts on “NEPAL in a New Height

  1. Jai Shambhu……Jai Republic Nepal…..
    i too support u and ur opinion about the necessity of republic Nepal for the better future of the country and its people……keep it up……we r with u……

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