Something politically motivated!!!!

I have not written anything in my blog so many days. So, feeling like I have missed out something.
I am somewhere far from my temporary-but-usual place. People call it Hi-Tech City. Yes, Hi-Tech City of Hyderabad. Flooded with fancy buildings, fancy offices with fancy names. It has given job to many, status to many, and of course, quick bucks to many. Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad is a part of changing Hyderabad to Cyberabad.

Life is just going, just moving well. Now a day, my routine has become to wake up 6-7 in the morning and go to this Hi-Tech City. I spend my whole day there and come back in the evening. By the time, I come to Room; it will be over seven, most often. I have not got enough time to read other’s blogs and to read News in Details. I am political man, can not remain in this earth without making any political views or sides. Politics really charms me. Politics of my country, my country Nepal. It is already a published News that Constituent Assembly Election in Nepal is going to take place in November.

That means 5 months later and the remenants of old regime crumbles.  But,let me tell you a truth, I exactly do not know what is constituent Assembly Election? I know rough idea about it that it is an election that determines the fate of monarchy in Nepal and introduces new Constitution. But, More than that? Nope. I  have absolutely no damn clue about how it works. Are we going to vote for again 205 representatives or more than that?

No idea. I hope Nepal Government, parliament, and Election Commission in Nepal bring more light and publicize it and its modalities soon. People should have informed choice and they should be clear what they are doing when they go to vote. What Can I do by staying here, far from my Country? I do not know but I am really excited to update myself about this election.

I wish to vote this time. I seriously want to go home and vote in favour of New Nepal and against the outdated old regime. You know surely whom I am referring to? In November, my college will be closed and I will have holidays but Internship is on the way. From the point of view of my Internships, these last two months November and December are very very crucial for me.

May be I can not go to vote. So Sad. I know each vote counts a lot this time. I  have a demand before a Nepalese Government that keeping in mind many Nepalese are in India, Some polling both should be opened in India as well so that people, who are Nepalese citizens, living in India can go and vote. At least one Polling Booth in Nepalese Embassy in New Delhi must be there. If so, people like me can exercise their rights to vote.
If this suggestion is heeded, then, in November and December, I will be in Delhi and can vote.

Let’s hope, our Government of Nepal take this matter seriously. Another thing I am trying to do is to collect documents on Constituent Assembly Election and post it here in My Blog in DISCUSSION FORUM
so that people will get benefitted. I am slowly starting that work, please keep on browsing.

And my last view on disturbing views from Nepal is the killing spree of various heard/unheard Madhesi group must be stopped.
What government is doing when some bunch of criminals is killing general public and government servants???

A United Nepal with peace and harmony is today’s needs. Let all Pahade and Madhesi People understand it. Government must fulfill reasonable Madhise demands and must take stern actions against those who love to kill people on communal lines.
Government must act tough.N I hope I update this blog regularly Keep on visiting!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Something politically motivated!!!!

  1. nice to read ur post after so many days….well, i’m not much into politics but i like to keep myself updated on the current happenings in my country…looking forward to get more info on the Constituent assembly election.
    Regarding ur demand abt keeping poll booth in India, I don’t think it’s really practical. Besides India, there r lots of nepali citizens residing in various other countries. As it’s not possible to keep polling booth in all other countries, i don’t see any reason why it should be kept only in India.
    Let’s hope this election will have some positive outcome…and finally let’s hope for a peaceful Nepal.

  2. Hi Sajiva, Thank you for ur comments but why do u think that keeping pooling both in Delhi not possible? I think it is highly practicable and possible. For this people should be aware and like in USA, people can vote in absentia. If government really wants this, this can be implemented in all the countries of the world. Seriously, in all countries, keeping pooling booth does not mean you have to go there physically and vote. If you can go, fine. otherwise, You can vote from couriers as well.

    Let’s hope in all the countries government introduces this process but if government can not introduce it in one go, then, this should be implemented in some selected counties in this election. N of course, India should be the one in the list. What you say?

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