Once again-Another Dashain

I am updating this Blog after a Long Time. It has been very tumultuous months for me in the recent past. Nothing wrong and nothing bad at all but the enthusiasm factor has gone down. This is not a good sign. After a long time, I am gathering some energy to update this Page. First of all, I would like to extend my Good Blessings to you all on auspicious occasion of Bada Dashain and Happy Vijaya Dashami. May Lord Durga bless you all!!!

We can term this Blog entry as a kind of Dashain Blog. I am concentrating all my thoughts on Dashain and some nostalgia.


I just today watched my blog statistics and found that total 4 people visited me today. I remember there used to be one occasion where around 200 people used to visit my blog daily. I could not give continuity and the slide of Blog started. I am here to blame myself for my erratic behaviour and Today, this erratic behaviour costed me some of my valuable readers and some of the people who used to appreciate my writings. Today, my blog looks like a desert and no one bothers to visit. Some people, I can see still here roaming over my blog. Those people must like a thirsty deer that runs towards a desert by seeing a mirage-that is lake full of water. I do not know, If this blog is just a mirage for someone but my sincere thanks to all who are offering their little time to visit this Blog. Thank you all of you!!!!


While going through statistics of my blog, I saw that somebody has visited my blog after being referred by Google. I just clicked the link to know what had been searched in Google that directed the viewer to my Blog. The referral link is like this:


That means, someone searched Dashain Theme and my blog entry appeared at number 4. The blog post referred there was my entry that I posted last year in 2006 on occasion of Dashain(See here for last year’s entry: https://talkingforum.wordpress.com/2006/09/23/dashain-aayo/ ). Oh My God! How fast time passes and we are just at the door of another Dashain.


Dashain Aayo, Khaula Piula, Kaha Paula—- like these, used to be the songs that we used to sing in our childhood. Staying together with brothers, sisters, parents and celebrating Dashain used to give us that pleasure for what we always waited for another Dashain. But, it has been a long gap of 5 years and I am not in my home in Dashain and neither in Tihar to mention here. I hope to break this continuity from next year onwards but who knows what happens next year.


Khana ani launa ta paiye kai chha in these last five years but napaiyekai euta kura chahi ho Dashain Manauna.


Though I will not be enjoying much in this Dashain, I once again, wish happy Dashain to all of you who can celebrate this.


Dashain Aayo!!! Happy Dashain!!!





4 thoughts on “Once again-Another Dashain

  1. Downs are there in everybody’s life buddy. Its all cool.

    Bada Dashain ko Hardik Mangalmaya Subhakamana. Hope you have great time ahead.

    Hope Godess Durga will return back a good writer back to his blog with more interesting stories to tell. The world needs you here.

    All the best for all your future endeavours.


  2. Hello Bhupendra Ji, Thank you brother for your good comments. I am really surprised how fast you commented here. I think you have subscribed something feed or something like that of My blog. I am too poor man in these technical things and wish to meet you so that I can learn something from you. There are lot’s of things that I can learn from a person like you.

    Let’s see, in this December, if I can make plan on right way, then, I have something in mind to travel down to your place-Bangalore for a month to work there and I am in process of finalising a deal with a employer. Let’s see brother what happens.

    And, Yes, I know, U are also far away from your home and will not be celebrating Dashain in your home this year but I wish that you get all the happiness and prosperity that Lord Durga can offer!! Happy Vijaya Dashami and have a rocking Great Dashain.

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