Dashain, Nepal and Business-some Thoughts

Today and appropriately tonight, I am planning to write another blog as well. Just I am thinking to utilize my little time writing some of my thoughts here.


Let me start my blog with my activities today. Today, got up at 8.40 AM and ran to class and made sure that I was in when it was 9 AM that means I got attendance. Attendance will have so much value in my University that if I have less than 75 percentages, I am not allowed writing exams.


We had two classes- One Clinics and another one was International Trade Law and after that, that means after 10.30 AM, our presentation of International Commercial Arbitration (ICA) started. It was so painful to attend that Presentation. It went on from 10.30 in the morning to 8.30 PM in the night with two breaks for Lunch and Tea. Total time that we got as breaks were 1.30 hours. Can you imagine how tire I am here now???


Anyway, who cares? Tomorrow, I have to attend again ICA. I have to present my own draft in that class and from there; I head to Advanced Intellectual Property Rights Laws (Advanced IPR) class. In Advanced IPR also, I have to present tomorrow. That effectively means, I have to prepare on two drafts tonight and by tomorrow evening, I am sure that my ass will be burnt down to ashes.

Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow and let me see. I am not bothered on these stuffs right now. I am still in the mood of Dashain as I just posted one entry wishing you all good Dashain. Once Again, Wish you an auspicious Dashain.

Now, going to what I did tonight after I came from Class and what I am planning to write here. I just visited some Nepali News sites. These days, I read about Politics but stopped thinking about this. So, Naturally, I read politics less if I hate to think and started searching apolitical and non-political news and stuffs. I visited some of the blogs. One of those blogs that I visited is Nepal Diary. See Here: http://nepaldiary.wordpress.com/

I used to visit this blog regularly but had not been updated for a long time. Now, it seems that Nepal Diary is being updated regularly.

One of the posts that attracted my eyes was this: http://nepaldiary.wordpress.com/2007/10/16/%e0%a4%97%e0%a4%a8%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%a5%e0%a4%a8-%e0%a4%ae%e0%a4%a8%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%a5%e0%a4%a8/

This post truly depicts the Nepal’s situation where business transactions are not taking place in rapid scale despite Dashain being just few days away. I have translated that post here and tried to post a common Nepali man’s problems. I think this is a problem of many small scale businessmen.

The post goes like this:

“Now a day, I do not have Cyber Connection in my room and updating my blog sometimes from Cyber Cafes. I am a man living in a small business and there is a whole nation on spree of business. Because of being busy in usual business, I am not able to update my blog regularly. Because of Nepali’s great festival Dashain, there is a big crowd in my shop as well though my shop is a small one. You can come there even if you just want to see-my shop, and crowd and may be blogger as well. My shop is in New Road, more precisely on Khicha Pokhari (blogger is referring to a place where usually, there will be crowd) and there happens to be a great crowd around. There is no place even to stand there on your foot. But, in this Dashain, there is not much sale. What happened? May be people do not have any money? Today, I went to Thapa Thali located Nepal Rashtra Bank to make some changes of currency-from higher denomination to smaller ones. But, Bank says that they do not have currencies of 10 Rs. And 50 Rs. And only of 5 Rs. And 20 Rs. Now, if Bank does not have any money, how common people will have!!! I think that is the reason of businesses going down and sliding further down.

Now, let’s talk about Dashain. How are you celebrating this Year’s Dashain? I think you are going to butcher a goat for meat and other delicious non-vegetarian foods. Whatever you do, but celebrate in a great way, and wherever you may be- in Nepal or outside in foreign Land.  So many people have extended republic wishes in this Dashain. But, I do not know what kind of wishes should I extend for you. Okay, okay I am extending Federal Republican Dashain wishes. Let Great Lord ease the process of achieving Federal Republic Nepal. I am being here more revolutionary and not just bourgeoisie!!!!”


Wish you all a Great Dashain and Subha Vijaya Dashami.


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