From another City

I just read an Article from Wall street Journal written by Krishna ji along with his friend. It was a good one to read something after a long break because of my exams. My Usual seat is my University Hostel Room in Hyderabad. But, I am far now, I am far from there, and very far-almost about 1600 Kms far in New Delhi-Capital of India. I am here for my Internship for a month in a law firm that I am joining tomorrow.  I have just arrived here today. I am staying with Krishna Ji and Madhu before I shift to some Paying Guests. We will search for that tomorrow. 

I am here in Delhi around 11 AM this morning after a very long journey of Train. Usually, Train takes 26 Hours to reach Delhi from Hyderabad but this morning the train was delayed by two hours taking around 28 Hours.It was a good morning of 27th October when I left Hyderabad. 26th October was a KoJAGRAT PURNIMA-the last day

 of Dashain. We all, Kul sir, Ashok Bhai, and Deepak Ji, decided not to sleep whole nights and played cards and watched TV along with our unstoppable chita chat. We did not know why we decided not to sleep. We did not really care about religious aspects of this festival but merely decided to wake up whole night. Morning was cool. We all came to railway Station. Kul, Ashok and Deepak ji came to see me off and it was so nice to take Bus instead of little expensive autos.  Hope to see all in Hyderabad after a month as I am going back at that time.Will be updating this whenever I have time and of Course, I have to say keep on reading!!!


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