Happy New Year 2008-Part I

I am interning these days in Hyderabad in a corporate office. I was in New Delhi in the month of November to complete my one month internship in a Law Firm. At the end of the month in November, I came back to Hyderabad and joined this new Office where I will be for some more days.These days, internship has become part of life of every student and in fact, it should be. It keeps everyone updated with latest developments and teaches you the skills of working. I hope that I am getting it.

Generally, my work keeps me busy quite often and at this moment also, I am not that jobless but I thought for a while, to write something here as I have not penned down anything in these past two months.Again, the policy of limited use of internet in other activities except than research activities required to this firm does not allow me to use this internet connection for any other purposes than my daily job requirements. These days, I spend my 5 days in a week in this job place except Saturday and Sunday and each day minimum 14 hours and that goes to the extent of 17 hours as well. The job is rigorous, to put it plainly and frankly, I do not enjoy working that much but I know that this is a part of life.

I always thought that Studying is the toughest task human beings will perform but now, I have realized that working is thousands time tougher than study but this is too late as I am at the verge of graduating from my University and ready to take up challenges- working somewhere and earning some good amount.When I say that I am not enjoying working that does not mean that I am working in a place where I do not enjoy.

I am generally referring to my normal response to work as all human beings, naturally, love to be lazy if they get some way to earn and make a living. In fact, where I am working is one of the best places to work and we have very great office environment. When someone gives you a good environment, it is obvious that they demand quality work and for what we all are born.I understand that as I am just an intern, the pressure I get from job is obviously less than that of regular employees and I am mentally being ready to get that tough challenge on my shoulder after I pass out from the University in coming May, 2008.

For the knowledge of those who do not know me much, I will be completing my B.A; L.L.B (Hons.) in this coming May, 2008.2008-right! That starts from tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new year of 2008 and is first of January. Let me wish all of you a happy and very great New Year. Let this coming year make you healthy, wealthy and very prosperous from all fronts. May Almighty god bless you to live a very comfortable life. That’s it! Too much for New Year.In my blog, when I talk about me, I am not too much enthusiastic about this New Year. For me, it is just another day and goes as simple and as usual. Till now, while writing this piece of crap, I have no plans at all to celebrate New Year which is just 6 hours far from me and apparently, I will be leaving office only after 9PM Indian Standard Time.

Hopefully, by the time, I reach to the room, my friends will have started cooking some good food-good food, for me, is something that contains “any” non-veg stuff. Yes, do not be surprised, any means anything so long as it is clean, healthy and non-poisonous assuming there are some poisonous animals in the world. Now, again going back to the New Year, I have no plans and not much enthusiasm but I can see people around here-in and out of office, with loads of happiness on their face. I simply fail to understand why and not in mood of understanding any reason behind that happiness and neither asking them nor commenting on it, let them be happy because they deserve it after a long and long working ordeals.

I can hear that there are various parties in Hyderabad City tonight. I am not party animal and simply love to be away from such lights, music and too much jazzy stuffs. Somebody is telling me that there is a party which costs Rs. 3000 (Indian Rupees) for a night. I am not interested as I am not party animal and another thing is that that is simply beyond my reach and ability to afford. There are other reasons also not to attend these kinds of parties as I gave up drinking. Gave up in the sense that I used to drink rarely, in a good societal word, “used to drink socially”. I felt that I am very unsocial on such social drinking and these days refused to be social at all when the issue of drinking comes. I do not feel proud of what I decided but I simply feel good that I took one right decision in my life as it affects me-deciding not to drink. And, I believe that parties without drinking and liquor are like “curry without pinch of salt” for most of the people and I love to give them that freedom but do not want to sound and be awkward in that gathering. I think that these must be the valid points why I stay far from these social gathering which are especially arranged at night. In night, there is nothing comfortable like my Room and my bed with thin blanket.

Part 2 is coming shortly………………….  


One thought on “Happy New Year 2008-Part I

  1. I was bored writing up and happend to visit your page. Quite interestign thoughts about work. Thank god you relaised now before too late. Probably you will get more boring days. Last year, I had completely dry year, working almost like 20 hour in a day. Not sleeping at all and so on.

    I don’t think you will be unsocial by not drinking. It could be an Asian thought you know. I also use to think like that. I have never tried a drink (I mean alcohol) but I tend to attend most of the drink sessions in my work studies. Specially when i have to talk to my supervisor, it is normally “lets go for a drink”. Nobody feels that I am unsocial. So take that thought out now. You are as social as you were before, just gave up drinking.

    Best wishes for your graduation and and obiviously new year.


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