Part II-But of What?

[Some part of this post was written on 31st December and has been completed now and just today. So, it contains at the end, more than what exactly was intended on that day. I hope that you all will enjoy.]


In my part I blog, I was talking at the end, my room and thin blanket. Let us see my room first. How does it look like? It looks very dirty, that is sure as I am very lazy to clean and not only me but my room members are also too lazy, and some even more lazy/lazier than me. It’s okay; it is their human rights to be lazy in a same fashion like mine. One more thing, these days, I am not in my regular room. Regular room-I mean, my usual University Hostel Room, which is my not only whole world but an entire universe and that remain always dirty occupied by a single member-me. Now and these days, my university is closed and is My University Hostel and we are not allowed to stay in that Hostel Room. So, I am like a refugee and staying with some of my kind hearted and very very helpful friends like Prashant, Kul Chandra and Ashok. There we live, many many people, about a dozen these days and very amicably and in a very friendly manner, till I am writing this another crap.


Now, let’s look at what we do regularly in our room. We never forget to do two very great and important things in our room. We regularly eat and quite happily sleep.


We sleep these days like animal and sometimes, even more happily than some of these animals in this world. We live a very carefree life though we know that many challenges are waiting for us.


I had made a reference about sleeping and thin blanket on my earlier post in part I of this blog, if u remember rightly. Most of you might be wearing thick woolen clothes and must be sheltering inside Nepali Sirak or some Chinese or foreign blankets that too under a very thick blanket. U must do it. If you are from delhi, u might be reeling under 2-3 Degree Celsius or if u are from kathmandu, temperature might be there around 5 degree Celsius and what about London and Astana????? I am sure that these all places have nice and pretty winter with a temperature that I personally like.


But, Dude, the story is different here. The people who are born and brought up here say that this year, it is cooler than all previous year. Might be! I can not feel it as last year, I had felt it hot and so, I do feel this year. Let me tell u situation here that, a normal cotton shirt from morning to evening will work as more than a blanket if you stay inside house. If you go out in the day time, you feel very hot. This is a place which is different and so, generally is South India.


So, thin blanket in the night serves all the purpose for what it is required here and that too switching on the fan. We need to switch on the fan before we sleep, and that is the story of this place.


The place is like this and there is nothing good or bad about the place as hot n cold environment is all about Nature. People stay here irrespective of what kind of temperature is here and so, I lived in this place for last five years and that experience is always good to remember.


While, I started writing this post on 31st December, I had some certain other issues in my mind but today, when I am about to complete this, there is nothing that I remember that I wanted to write. So, if I make u feel bored coz of this incessant talk about this place, u just need to forgive me.

           Before, I part with his blog entry, I am sincerely thankful to Yogesh, a learned Senior brother, (for law graduates, two lawyers are always ‘learned brothers’) for taking his some time off from his rigorous study life and making some comments on my blog. I know, these days, hardly anyone reads me and even few bother to encourage by commenting. In such a draught situation, the efforts of Yogesh Sir were very encouraging to me and wish him and all the readers a great success in life. Keep on Reading!!!!! 


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