A post after a long time!!

Is it worth writing? Questions need to be asked these days. Not writing for so many days and being far from blog world for many many months, there is something that tells me that I should write.

But what?

What is there to write at this moment?

Time has changed as it always does. Last time, when I published my blog or when I wrote last time, I was officially a student in a University. Now, I am no more a student.

The status message has changed since then. Now, I am more an executive cum consultant. I have joined a job where I need to advise on various tax issues to my clients.

I recently joined this job in June after being graduated. I completed my University successfully and did pass my B.A; L.L.B (Hons.).

Recently, I had my graduation- Convocation in my University on July 18th. It was nice to see my old friends back in the University, almost all leaving one or two.

I miss those old good days. Missing University and Hotel life.

When I started writing this blog post, I cant remember, but I want to finish it today-14th September.

Life seems to be busier these days. I hardly get any time to do anything on weekdays. On weekdays, I just need to take rest and days are passing just like that.

The job in a way is a rigorous one, that’s what I am finding but there is no alternative as well. I need to stick with it and complete all the tasks on time.

Though we put only 40 hours in our time sheet for a week (8hours*5 days), we actually end up working more than 55 hours per week. There is no alternative to it and I am just getting used to with it and enjoying the job.

My work is based at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and I work in Indirect Tax Department where I need to advise clients on the issues of Customs Laws, Excise, VAT, Entry Tax, Profession Tax and on issues of dumping and anti-dumping duty.

Today, it feels strange writing this blog after a long time. I did not post anything almost for 9 months. The pressure of study and work was always there but it was more to do with sheer laziness. Being a human beings, the greatest obstacle in our life is not working and being controlled by our laziness. That I hate but unfortunately can not escape from the grip of it.

I am not sure how often I will be updating this page and how often U readers, can see a new post on it. But, there will be a constant endeavour from my side to update it regularly.

After completing my undergraduate, I had desire to study my Masters, LLM but for the time being, it has been stalled. I hope to revive my desire to be student again and go to colleges/ University. Though Lawyers are supposed to study always and our job requirements require it, I am not that able to devote my time fully on my study. I am constantly struggling and struggling.

I am looking forward to great September and half of October. I am flying to Mumbai tomorrow for my training arranged by my office. It is a five days training and I will be back to Hyderabad on 19th Friday nights. Saturday and Sundays are holiday. So, I have great weekdays and weekends. Again, there is another two days Human Resource Induction Training in Hyderabad. That means I need not go to office those days. So, my office days in September are effectively reduced to very few days. In October, I am attending only one day, that is October First and then, head home to Nepal, Jhapa District for Dashain. It is the Dashain that I am looking forward to attend after a long gap of five years. I will be in Home in Dashain and I can’t imagine how great it is going to be.

And this is all from my side about me and my job. Now, forgetting about me and job, generally, life is good in India. But, these days, there are frequent bomb blasts in major cities in India carried out by Terrorists. That really worries us. There are people who are fighting in the name of religion and are really motivated to kill innocent citizens and people who have not committed any mistakes in life. It is sad for us to watch everyday that kind of news and after that the plight of victims and their next kin. There is a strong need to break the back of terrorists. I hope that porous border of Indo- Nepal has not been mis-utilized to carry out these dastardly activities.

Comrade Prachanda is coming to India as Nepalese Prime Minister. We hope that he raises many issues that have put Nepal in unfavorable situation in the past. He should talk on the issues of cross border terrorism, greater economic cooperation, greater cooperation in energy sector, Education, Infrastructure Development and issues of terrorisms. Now, Nepal has enormous task to make country suitable for foreign direct investment and Indian companies are the best suited to expand there. There are a lot of potential gains that we can receive from India.

And, let’s see how the events unfold in coming days. Keep on visiting my page. I will be back with regular updates in coming days, hopefully.


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