About Dashain and changing lives!!!

My yesterday’s blog post was incomplete. Incomplete in the sense, I portrayed my happiness that Dashain has brought but something about sadness of life was not documented well.


I am going home after 6 long years but it seems that my Daju, Bhauju, Didi, Bhinaju, Bhanji (She is not even one year old and I have not seen her), and my Kanchho Bhai can not come home this time in Dashain. I am not sure that whether they will come; but when I called my Mom yesterday, she said that she is also not so sure if they come.


The main reason, as I have understood, is that the recent floods have swept the Mahendra Highway in Nepal and there is no connecting transport by road. If that is the case and if this problem persists long, then, it’s sure that they will not come this year. How many people can fly in these inflationing days. Price of everything is going up. No fuel, high cost of Fuel especially ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) is increasing day by day and I am not sure if Plane touches sky but price of oils has already touched the blue sky. It’s little less this time than almost 4/5 months ago but that is not the relief to common man like us.


I have heard that there is boating facility in SaptaKoshi to cross the river but it is very risky and it is generally not advisable to travel by this man pulled boats as safety in these village made boats are next to nil.


So? So, I do not think we all family member gather this time. This Dashain is going to be incomplete for us.

But, that’s the part of normal human life. As we grow and as and when our wings come out, we love to fly far and sometimes, it will be difficult for us to come back and fly back to home well in time.

Anyways, whatever happens and whatever is going to happen, I am going home to celebrate Dashain, 2008. That’s all about little sad aspect of Dashain.


Now, going to general stuffs about blogging, it was a long hiatus before I started writing again. I feel good to write whatever ideas crop in my mind but the motivation is lacking. I am trying to discipline myself but many times, I am losing tracks. Yesterday night, I read some good, in fact below expectation, entries in blogs maintained by various Nepalese friends. It seems that all are going slow.


The idea about writing is diminished by the fact that the reading of books has also reduced substantially. Writing is all about imagination and ideas and more we read various books and articles, the more writable ideas flow in our mind. For imagination, we need a topic on which we can think, the topic with which we can play by creating ideas and extending its limbs. The less we read, the less imagination. I know all this but not able to read that many books these days. Hopefully, I will be able to read something which will not be related to my work. Otherwise, I have been reading only what Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court is saying these days on various areas of taxation. Hopefully, things are going to change on coming days. That’s all from my side today.


Before, I say Good Bye to you, Once again, A very great and happy Vijaya Dashami and Bada Dashain, 2008 to all of You!


3 thoughts on “About Dashain and changing lives!!!

  1. hi ya! congrats on ur graduation and ur work. im sure u made a good decision by running away to India our ultimate saviour, ?i know its sad that all ur family cudnt be together for teh biggest event of teh year but its the same in so many other families like myself. but atleast this this year u get to go home and be with ur parents…keep blogging!!

  2. chamatkari baba is chamatkari…miraculous. i mean his writings are really worth reading as they r filled with chamatkars. keep writing and writing and writing until your chamatkar receives namaskars……

  3. HI Rekha and KulChandra, Thank You very much for your comments and thank you for inspiring me to write more.

    Rekha, You said rightly that what I said in the blog is common to many families. This is part and parcel of many families these days. I hope that you had a good celebration of Dashain wherever U celebrated it. Keep on reading and commenting.

    And Kulchandra, Thank you for your fun filled comments.

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