Dashain 2008:CB welcomes you!(CB in Home soon!)

I was thinking that I will write a sad story whenever I write another post in this blog. Here was already planned ‘sad story’ and I was ready for it to face it and to place before you, my venerable readers. I was thinking that I will write that I will write that sad story elaborately and pour my heart for the last time to end one chapter of my blog and of my life. Sadly, that did not happen, and my sad story has become very obsolete. What a sad ending!!


But, that’s good. I am happy. The sad story was not what I wanted but I was just thrown by tides of times, on the shore of my life and was compelled to write something sad.


Fortunately, another tide took me inside that ocean and now, everything seems great, very great and happy in life.


To start a great good and happy story from my side, I am coming/going home on 2nd October, to Jhapa, Nepal and will be back to Hyderabad, India on 14th.


After the five consecutive absence in Dashain for the last five years from 2003-07, I am elated this time to be in home. I am happy to receive Tika and Jamara with auspicious blessings from my parents, from my paternal grandmother, and from my maternal grand parents.


When I look back, I feel that I received Dashain ko Tika long time back. Now, I do not even remember how that Dashain was for me. It was a time when I celebrated my Dashain after coming back from Kathmandu where I went to be a Doctor or Engineer. Sadly, I could not be both and I was feeling so low that I did not want to be in Home in Dashain. I was so ashamed to show my face to my parents and brothers who sent me to Kathmandu to accomplish the mission and they used to send a good amount of money but again sadly, I do not remember how I blew them up. So, there was a kind of indignation in me. I was just feeling that I can not be anything in my life if I can not be doctor or Engineer but my every attempts in Entrance examination was not taking me even near to waiting list.


At that time, my father understood the kinds of thought in me and used to calling me almost everyday if I booked Tickets to come home in advance as there will be huge rush at the last moment. Sometimes, I told him that I am not getting tickets and finally booked tickets for the day of MahaAsthami, the eighth day of Dashain, Generally, before that year, Dashain meant us from the very first day, from Ghatashthapana. Our School and even Colleges remained close for 15 days and the year of 2002 was the first time when I reached home lately feeling so low in life. I reached home around 3 PM in the afternoon and everyone was waiting for me, especially my dad had not eaten anything and was waiting for me. That moment is still in my head from that day.


That year, I did wait for Tihar and immediately after that, I returned Kathmandu. Now, it seemed that being a Doctor is not on my fate, I joined TriChandra College, Kathmandu. I found that college so disturbing that I somehow felt there is no future for me studying there and started running somewhere for any excuse. Meantime, I got a chance to come to India to study Law; I just grabbed it and ran to India without considering any consequences. And the rest of my good and great years I spent in Hyderabad, India. I graduated this year with B.A; L.L.B (Hons.). In the last Dashain I celebrated, I was clueless about my life and no where near my destiny and this year I feel that I have realized my worth and has clear vision and a degree which gives me enough confidence to compete anywhere.


A job on hand and some money to put on mother’s hands are bonus for me for this Dashain. I will be heading home on 2nd October and reach there on 4th morning and will be back by 14th as only limited leave available.


I wish all of you, who read me, a happy Bada Dashain and Vijaya Dashami.

(To be continued in next post……………)


2 thoughts on “Dashain 2008:CB welcomes you!(CB in Home soon!)

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