Dashain and journey back to India

It feels good when I write. That’s why I am writing here, after a short break. It feels great writing something after a grand celebration of Dashain. If you have read my earlier post, you may be knowing that I was in Nepal this year during Dashain and was supposed to be back on 14th Morning. Now, I am back in Hyderabad, India but I reached here on 15th Morning instead of 14th because of delay in train. 

I am not going to tell you that story in detail what happened and how I missed my second connecting train because of late movement of first train but entire journey was horrible. The rush in HOWRAH Railway Station (Kolkata/Calcutta) was horrible to say the least. It is the most disorganized Indian City I have ever seen and getting train from this station is really a hard job. The immense Platforms and then, multiple old and new buildings of Railway Station does not help either to locate from where to get a train. 

I had a confirmed train ticket from Kolkatta to Hyderabad but when I missed my train, then, I had no ticket for the second train. It took almost four hours for me to get idea about another train and measures to get ticket. Finally after gap of 6 hours in railway Station, I got on extremely crowded Chennai Mail and somehow, reached Hyderabad. This story is all for now. I have taken some photos by using my Nokia 6300 Mobile’s 2 Megapixel Camera. You can have a look here to know how Indian Train looks like. Since Mobile camera does not have that great resolution, you can excuse me for these blurred images.




Can you see the head of my train? I mean on which I was travelling, is travelling on curvy track.

Can you see the head of my train? I mean on which I was travelling, is travelling on curvy track.



Now, back to my life in Nepal, Dashain was good. I was in home during Dashain after 5 years and felt great to receive Tika, Jamara and Aashivaad (blessings) from my grandmother, father and mother.

When I went Nepal from India, I had a plan to go to my maternal grandparents’ home in Chandragadhi, Jhapa but these old folks disappointed me and us, all the family members. They decided that they will not offer Tika because of some of their relatives died some 9 months back. I know who had died and I knew that the relationship was some distant brother but I really did not understand why they refused to offer Tika. It would be even greater feeling to receive Tika from my maternal grandparents after years of muglan. But, that was not going to happen. It disappointed us but we did not let it destroy our festive mood. 

In home, we were three brothers- mahilo, sahilo and Kanchho. My Kanchho Bhai came from Kathmandu and crossed Saptakoshi from Chatara, Nepal by using boat propelled by machine. He told that the journey was not that difficult but people in Kathmandu did not know that the facility was such an easy one. It was great to see him in home.

Another great aspect of Dashain is Mar Hanne (Khashi Katne-it is Nepalese tradition to eat meat of goat, buffalo, pig etc. during Dashain depending on our own choice and caste and people generally cut animal in their own home and consume lots of non-veg food depending on their reach.). We also cut a goat in home. I was the one there to catch rope from head side. My Bhanij Bhai, Binod, caught legs and Maldaju cut that goat’s head. Of Course, it was not that great sight to see and explain in the blog but what I did was the first time. After that, we kept on eating non veg food many many days till I left Nepal. 

This time in Dashain, after being disappointed with my maternal grandparents, we went to my dad’s mama’s home (my dad’s mom’s brother’s home), there we received a nice treatment-Tika and Jamara and Asshirvad and some money. This we received on Vijaya Dashami’s day. Next day, on Ekkadashi, we went to my uncle’s house (my dad’s younger brother’s home) and received Tika. That’s all about My Dashain Celebration. Some years back, I had written a blog post saying, “Dashain aayo ani gayo pani”. This year I shall write, Dashain aayo ani ramrari nai gayo” 

I am waiting for another big celebration- Dipawali/Diwali/ Subha Tihar.

See you all soon in another blog post.



2 thoughts on “Dashain and journey back to India

  1. I am a new visitor to ur website. In fact to be precise have just recently got to go through it. Appriciate the way by which one can get the inclination to blogg.. I went nostalgic going through the DASHAIN festivity elaboration…I almost share the same feeling …being away from home during the festivals. The train journey…the moment the landscape outside the train becomes familier, You get to know you are approaching near to your home. And, When you are about to reach NJP…while crossing the mahananda river bridge..It already starts feeling HOME. Isn’t it? Thanks…Get going…

  2. Hi Sumie, nice to get ur comments here. Keep visiting the blog, you can read more about me, us, our environment, our society? So, U also have to reach NJP and then home? Great to know. Keep visiting this blog.

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