Another great festival Tihar-festival of light and flowers

I want to make an invitation card for Tihar. Tihar is another great festival after Bada Dashain/Subha-Vijayadashami.


It’s a great festival, the festival of lights, flowers, Sell roti and Bhaitika among others.


I celebrated Dashain in Home in Nepal but my Tihar will be in Hyderabad, India. It’s okay what I can do. This time I was planning to cook Sellroti but unfortunately gas is over and in India, it is not easy to procure cooking gas. I do not know whether my plan will be executed or not. It all depends if Gas Corporation of Hindustan Petroleum (HP) provides us gas at anytime soon.


I have some Dashain Videos made in our home and I am planning to put them in Youtube or Nepali tube. This Dashain was in home, so, you can see there Home Video!! 🙂 but I have seen some of the photos and videos sent by my friends who stay outside Nepal and it was great to watch their video.


One of my friends’ Dashain video celebrated in Germany was very funny and I just could not laugh watching that. You may watch that in Nepalitube if he has already uploaded it. It makes a good laugh.


Every week, I talk about changing myself. I pondered a lot over this question ‘how to change myself’. I did slowly and now, started reading a bit more than before. I hope to keep this pace.


N all the readers, I am passing out you a Happy Diwali/Dipawali/Tihar Subhakamana. Wish you a great Tihar. If some friends are going home after a long time to celebrate Tihar, want to say you guys that enjoy a lot there.


If I can make a card for Tihar, I will post it here. Till then, keep enjoying in this festival of lights and flowers.


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