Nepali Politics: Cant stay without commenting!!!

There is no difference between entire Nepal and my room in Hyderabad these days, in terms of power trouble. There is frequent electricity power cut in Hyderabad these days and in Nepal, both political power in addition to electricity power has dried up.

My laptop has some power back up and I have been rendered jobless in this dark night. It’s dark enough to be called dark at this night as the lights from candles are fading away even before they reach me.

I am jobless in this dark night, have been compelled to use internet through wireless( wi-fi) card. Had there been power, I would be using internet only but my net would be certainly faster on broadband n I would be roaming from one website to another. Now, in this powerless darkness, we have limited option and feel like commenting about power-political power, of course.

This week, when we start commenting on power and political power in Nepal, the name cerianly erupts in mind is Prachanda- the most hated, despiged, loved, hailed as leader etc. etc. depending on your choice and political inclination.

We are all aware of political dramas unfolding in Nepal. the sacking of army chief by Government, re-instatement of Army chief by President, PM’s prachanda’s resignation and his speech against foreign power. He said that he held his head high when foreign powers were forcing him to bend as per their wishes.

Many hailed Prachanda——-it was a ‘Hail Prachanda Era’.

In some speech, it was reported that he said that his resignation was a missile against foreign dogs or something like that. Hail Prachanda became louder.

N Today’s THE HINDU, one Indian Newspaper, published Prachanda’s interview that came as a real missile to many of us. U can see his interview and new related to this here:



Here, in the above news, Mr. Prachanda shamelessly reveals that he asked for India’s help to resolve the issue. Is that his greatness? When army row is Nepal’s internal matter, why he approached for India’s help?

That means all his tallks on nationality and not being influenced by foreign interference is just a tall claim, and how long he expects to make people fool by his inconsistent big talks??

I am sure we will soon hear on our backyard people saying, “Down with Prachanda”.


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