What makes us happy?

This is an interesting question to ask to myself when I am not that happy in my life these days. Problem with me is that I do not know why I am not happy. But knowing the cause of happiness should be a great milestone for us so that we can adopt that ways in life, which is possibly taking us to the path of happiness !

When I see a lot of people around me, like me, young people are not so happy with life. Of course, real reason of being unhappy is not known, except the fact that all are unhappy because of this or that. So, the rudimentary question that everyone would like to ask is, “What makes us happy?”

My possible answers will be, most probably, a lot of money, nice car, a lot of friends, boy friend/girl friend, nice home, sex, a lot of booze, nice books to read, music, movies and metals to play with in the night where you can scream loudly to get over all those frustations. I am not sure how long list will go but these things and many more things in life make people happy, I am sure.

To find what makes people happy, it is worthwhile to ask what makes them unhappy? Like works make me very unhappy. Simple principle is that I do not want to work, just want to eat good food, good TV Programmes, good movies and want to listen to music. Random and incorehent thoughts but I have these kinds of thoughts. I do not know when I can just sleep for hours and tell “fuck this world”, possibly not in near future but I just feel like, I need a day and more days like this.

I do not know what exactly makes us happy in this world? I do not know.


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