Nostalgic yatra to India and my long awaited thank You

In my blog post, I had written a small story about how I came to India. So, the story goes ahead here as promised. My brother Rewati and Didi Minu had come to see me off on Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA). I came inside the Airport. There I had to pay Airport Tax which I knew as the Travel Agency which had helped me to buy tickets had told me that.

After paying that tax, I did not know which side to go. So, I asked a Policeman there. He was very helpful. He asked me where I am going. I said, ‘India’. Why? was his next question. I said to study. Then, he threw another one, R U studying MBBS in India? I wished I could study medicine but I was traveling to India after being unsuccessful in MBBS Entrance Exams. I said No and said that I am going to study Law. He just changed his facial expression, as if he was disappointed after hearing what exactly I am studying. Still, he helped me by telling what to do and where to go. I had no damn idea and immigration procedures and that policeman there helped me telling what to do and where to go. I forgot now exactly what was the procedure there, some immigration stuffs and that was the first and last time till now,that I have passed through TIA.

I had a small bag and they allowed me to carry in Handbag. Interestingly, at that time, I was in a Business Class as I did not get a general economy class ticket. I had to pay higher amount but I was in a hurry and could not wait any more days. I took a seat in Business Class.

There were many people in the Business Class, must be many many big big businessman. I did not give damn to anyone as I did not know anyone.:)

I was just busy in my own world, not happy but little scary and little sad.

I was silent in seat in a middle row of Indian Airlines where in that row, three people could sit. So, next to me, there was a man- a gentle man and next to him were a young good looking lady. I was just silent and just kept on looking here and there, and most of the time tried/stretched myself to look out of Window.

After sometime, they started to serve drinks and I was asked if I drink Beer. I was little horrified by that question and that lady hostess gave me some nice fruit juice. By that time, the plane had already taken off. I was in deep thoughts of my home, my future, my sadness………there was no iota of happiness. Meanwhile, some radio message was aired inside while the plane was flying. The gentleman next to me asked me in English what was aired. The sound quality may be at that time was bad that I also could not understand. I said him I do not know as I also did not understand. I do not know what he felt may be I could not speak nice English and next question he asked me in Hindi, ‘where r u from?’. I just replied in English that I am Nepali. He said, Ohhh! I thought you might be from India and can u speak Nepali? He spoke those sentences in English and in Nepali, I answered, Yes, my language is Nepali. Then, we started talking in Nepali.

The man turned out to be a one of the Directors from Kumari Bank in Nepal. I forgot his name but his surname is Samsher Jung Bahadur Rana. He spoke about his business in Nepal, and his families. The lady next to him was his wife. And that man asked about me and stuffs like what kind of lawyer I want to be? something like a lawyer always taking a side of political party? I said it’s too early to talk. But, I had not imagined that a man from good business background will talk with so nicely with me. He made my journey little comfortable.

In Delhi, we came after 2 hours and around 15 minutes of flying from Kathmandu. N I had to take another Jet Flight from Delhi to Hyderabad on the same evening and there was only one hour gap between the landing of flight from Kathmandu and Domestic flight from Delhi. It is seriously packed schedule and one hour time may not be sufficient for us to catch another flight in Normal Circumstances. Again that Gentleman helped me, he took me first in that row, line where people were standing to get clearance from Indian Immigration. The gentle man requested a man first on the row to allow me to clear first as I have another connecting flight. I got clearance first there among that long line. I was little in a panic and ran taking my bag. I owe a great Thanks to the gentleman. Thank You Sir! I will find your name and put it here some day. N from there, I took prepaid taxi and went to domestic airport and caught my domestic flight. N came back to Hyderabad. That’s all my story! Dudes keep on reading……..Thanx for that gentleman, once again and see you all soon.


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