My Goa Trip(November 27 to December 1), 2009

I had been to goa with my friends. Wanted to write a blog post but immediately after coming back from Goa, I had to face wrath of Common Cold and Fever. Now, slowly getting back to normalcy. I am presenting this post with small updates about tip and some photos.

I left office on friday, 27th November, at 4 PM, earlier than normal time schedule. The bus was Paulo Travels from Hyderabad to Goa. The bus was supposed to leave at 5.30 Pm from place called Medhipatnam. But, next day, saturday was ‘Bak-r-id’, a famous day for Muslim people. The speciality of this day is that they celebrate with a lot of mutton, goat’s meat. So, friday, in medhipatnam area, all the roads were converted into goat market. There was heavy traffic, and bus could move only at 10PM to goa, 5 hours delay than normal timing.

I reached Goa at 12.30 Pm on Saturday, 28th November. I was told by my friends who had reached there before me to get down in the place called Mapusha. I got down at Mapusha and bargained with Auto Rikshaws and Motorbikes to go to Calangute where my friends had already booked Falcon Resorts/Ladies’ Chef. A Motorbike wallah and I agreed for seventy Rupees. He dropped me in my hotel where I met my friends from Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai.

When I got ready, out of 8 people, 4 people took bike and we four took auto to go to ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ Fort. Interestingly, there were nepalese everywhere. In hotel, where we stayed there were two nepalese as attendants and where we went for lunch that day, there were also nepalese boys. After lunch, we headed to Fort and took many photos. There, we took Beer Can from local vendor and happily drank at the top of fort.

Then, we trekked down to Vagator Beach. There, we met all the eight people, our original strength. Jumped to water there and then, headed to Anjuna Beach. There, on the way, I bought 50 Rs. Chaddi.

After walk on Anjuna Beach, we went to moonlight Restaurant, again a Nepalese resturant, playing music in nepali. Had nice dinner and drinks and came to hotel. There, we again ate and slept for the day.

N Rest of the photos and updates about second day in next post.


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