Second and Third Day In Goa-29th November, 2009

It was a beautiful sunday morning. Guys did get up late. Anuroj and I woke up early and went to morning walk around. We went to a tea shop in Calangute and then headed to Mapusha to buy our return ticket for next day. We had again nice tea and some big Dosa there and Came back to hotel room in Calangute. There we took some photos around.

When Anuroj and I came back from Mapusha, we headed to Dudhsagar falls.N On the way, had Tarbuja and Lemon Soda. When we went to Dudhsagar, we saw falls, and railway trak above the falls. We came back from there in the evening and had our lunch cum dinner in GreenMango Restaurant.

When we reached the room, in the night, we went to Calgunte Beach in the night, took photos there, sat there on the beach shack and came to room in the night around 1 AM. We did our expense calculation in the night and slept.

Monday was last day in Goa. I got up at 6 O’clock and went to baga beach. When I came from there, guys were slowly getting up and being ready. We checked our hotel around 11 AM and went for lunch to one restaurant nearby. There were also nepalese attendants but had a very bad service. After we ate there, the bangalore boys left as they had early train. I, and guys from Pune and Mumbai, took bus and went to baga beach. had boating around to see dolphin. Then, I left leaving guys behiend. Thay had bus late in the evening but I had my bus early at 5 Pm to Hyderabad.


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