A Recap of 2009-Welcome 2010

What 2009 was for me??

It was a great year in a way. Nothing much special but still, I consider as a great. There were not much moments where I could have felt pain or regretted. All was all. That was a reason to tell this year as a new year.
Except one thing, The year in 2009, I could not go home. I could not visit my family in Nepal and was thinking to visit around Nepal for sometime, but that could not happen.

This incident was a matter of little worry and only the point which has made my 2009 little dark—a spot, otherwise in a decent New year.

January, February and march were simply good. I do not remember what great happened in this month, but there were no bad moments—that should be even to qualify these three months as great months.

April was a good month. I got a chance to attend training in Bangalore from my Office. There, I met many friends and some friends were nice to meet and know them.

After April, time suddenly changed….I felt half of April, May and June as terrible months. I do not know what had happened but I did not feel good. I felt like my feets were not on grounds. I felt as if I was under tremendous pressure, mental pressure, emotional pressure. Sometimes, it was difficult to cope the pressure exerted on me. I did not know what to do.

Then, I took some breaks in July. The break started from first week of July.

And the wonderful times were back again. I enjoyed July. It was very great month of my life, in a way kind of defining moments. The kind of treatment I
received was simply wonderful.July was best time to spend not being involved in my rigourous job.

N came back to office again after my that break. August, September and October, I just spent working in oofice. That Time, I decided that I need to start resuming my study and then I joined MBA-FCA, a combined course from ICFAI University.
N There was a appraisal session in my job. I got the best rating. N the days are moving on !!!!.

That was my 2009, and I hope that 2010 will be even more better.

I look forward to study more and watch more movies. There are plans for Holidays and to go home and some trekking as well.

I will write as and when they come to reality.

Once again, Wish you all a very great and prosperous New Year, 2010.


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