Fall of Modern Berlin Wall

A tall wall between you and I

Neither you can break nor do I

U on the other side of wall and waiting for my arrival

Alas! I can only wish that

This wall falls like ‘The Berlin Wall’

And shatters all barriers

Between you and I

I can only wish!

It was the wall we built

We thought we never see each other

And forget everything

But the wall now, reminds us about


Even more today than ever

If I see the writing on the wall

There is only your name

Written all over without leaving any space for any more writing

Your name in different shades of colour

And that reminds me about you and our good life we had

Reminds me you more than before

The moment we spent together

N this wish comes there like a dream

If only we can make this wall fall like that fateful ‘The Berlin Wall’.


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